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Is it normal to move your bowels after every meal?
I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago and since then after mostly every meal I have to go. I asked the doctor and he says it depends on the person. That did not seem to answer my question. I eat pretty healthy, I exercise occasionally, bike riding with the kids, walk the dogs, walk the board walk, ride an exercise bike, walk the mall. I am not a couch potato so I am kind of confused.

It isn't abnormal. Everyone's digestive system reacts a bit differently to removal of the gall bladder. As long as you are not having diarhea then your frequent movements are simply the way your digestion as adjusted to the lack of the gall bladder.

It really depends on your age, but your doctor is correct. It really depends on the person and they body chemistry. It also depends on what the stools are like. Running, soft or hard. Since you have lost some of the ability to produce bile, you may need to experiment with over the counter treatments. Also consider that if you are now on any type of replacement drug due to the surgery, that may be causing your chemical change.

I have developed this problem without any surgery and have determined that it was (is) the medications I take for other medical problems.

The bottom line is that if you have to live with this issue, it is not life threatening and you just learn to adjust your activities around being near facilities for a time after you eat or fore go a full meal if you can get to the facilities. This condition will not be harmful to you as long as you stay hydrated.


Well how soon after each meal do you do this? Becasue it's impossible for a meal to digest within minutes causing you to go right after. It goes through a digestion process.

Check out irritable bowel syndrome


move them to where??

I have been told it is more healthy to eat several small meals a day and to have several small bowel movements. It is also a matter of what is regular for you. I was worried when I only had a bowel movement every three days or so, but my dr said if that is normal for me I shouldn't worry. You should worry when there is a sudden change in your habits.

Doll eyez
Well, you are in constant motion which is good. It keeps your bowls moving. Everybody s different. You are eating well also, so leave your body alone and allow it to do it's job.It is healthy to get rid of your waste after digestion. You are getting rid of it when your body is done with it. That's a good thing. I know people who don't go for days---and they are always grumpy. So be thankful!

I gotta say what the Dr. said, "it depends on the person"
Everyone is different, therefore every body is different...your friend might go once a day, but your other friend might go every other day....No one is the same, therefor no one goes the same
"get it"??have a great day....

Tonya W
It means that your digestive system is operating the way that it should. It is perfectly normally to have a bowel movement after every meal. It just means that you are very healthy. I wish I had one after every meal. My problem is the total opposite.

that is normal for me.

Tina W
He answered. If it happens to you regularly and always does than it is normal for you. Some go daily some 2-3 times a week. Everyone is different.

completely normal as long as it's not diarrea..however, you may need to get it checked because sometimes it can be Irritable Bowel Syndrome

i move my bowels each and everytime i eat...its not a little amount either, its a full bowel movement...

i still have my gallbladder and recently had a CT scan and they couldnt come up with anything...my doctor thinks its related to stress...i have a follow up apt. next week, if it didnt clear up by then, he is sending me for a colonoscopy to look deeper into the matter...

it could be nothing but it also could be something...

bowel movement really is an individual thing, if this is an every day thing for you, then yes it would appear to be normal, as long as they are not overly loose, no signs of blood etc. I know this may seems like a cop out and not answering the question, but it is the only genuine answer, as each person's bowel habits differ.

As long as its not diarrhea after each meal.

Keith Perry
I believe the average rate is 1-2 times a day.

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