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Thomas W
Is it normal to have a bruise after having blood drawn?
I had blood drawn for a standard blood test (cholesterol, etc.) last week and now i've got a silver-dollar sized yellowish bruise on the inside of my elbow where the draw was. I can't remember this happening before with previous blood tests or donations, but I may just not have noticed. Is this a normal thing, or should I be worried?

Reggie girl
This seems quite normal to me . A bruise is a collection of blood under the skin so if a vein is punctured a little blood is sure to leak out after the required amount is taken .You use to be told to bend your arm so it held the swab in place but now they stick a small plaster on . I bent my arm up once and the phlebotomy's said not to as this traps the blood and makes it bruise more. I think it also depends how good the person taking blood is at their job on the size of the bruise and how fast you clot.

shih tzu lady
Can be. Everyone is different, and each time is different. Depends on who is doing the job.

yes it can happen so dont worry,

yes it does happen sometimes depends how good the blood taker is and if u press hard enough to stop blood leaking under the skin. i have had it before where my arm is really painful but last week i had one and u couldnt even notice afterwards. no need to worry about it.

Don't be worried. I always get a bruise after a blood test.

Yes, it is normal. I get them sometimes, sometimes I don't. Basically a little bit of blood from the vein got traped under the skin. It'll go away in a few days to a week, usually. No worries.

Its blood seeping under the skin, nothing to worry about.

it's happened to me when I've given blood and I was fine. You don't need to worry.

It is normal. It could be you have drawn blood from a newspot. If you have drawn blood from that spot before ask the to draw from a new spot next time.But it is normal.

whenever i get a blood test the nurse tells me to keep my arm straight for as long as i can. if i bend it 2 soon i always get a bruise however if i keep it straight for about 5 minutes no bruise

it depends on your age my grandad had 1 bout 3 months ago and his whole arm was like a yellow bruise but after a week it started to go away im 21 and i had 1 and i just got a little bruise the older you are the more it shows i think (not being cheeky)

Please don't worry at all about this as it is normal to bruise. A bruise is simply blood below the skin and it occurs after blood vessels have been damage either by puncture or by a blow to the tissue. Your bruise is simply blood which leaked under the skin following sampling.

Yes, it is completly normal to bruise after having blood taken, especially if there are problems finding the vein.

Some nurses or Doctors are more proficient at taking blood samples than others. You may bruise or not according to how well the blood was taken.

Dr Frank
It is common, if you take 20-30 samples a day one or two will end up with a simple bruise like yours, its hardly the end of the world.

Happy Murcia
My wife has blood tests every monh and sometimes she has a bruise and sometimes not, it`s nothing to worry about.....

Bruising following a venipuncture is a common occurance. This is due to leaking of blood at the puncture site. It occurs if there is more damage to the vein than normally occurs. But more often is a result of not having pressure applied for a long enough period for the clotting process to take place.

Be reassured that the effects are quite limited and will resolve without any care in a couple of weeks.

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