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Is it best to take a bath at night or in the morning?
My dad and I were having arguments about this one.
I say night so you're fresh and have a better sleep and so all your day's germs and bacteria and other ickies will be washed out.
My dad says morning, because at night, when you go to sleep, your hair will be wet and that will cause blindness. So I said, then blow-dry it very well. Then he said, the the wetness will still be deep within your scalp still, but I said, no it won't. THEN...YEEEAAAAHHH.

I'm am not sure. But, you shouldn't sleep with wet hair (my dad says so too.) But, If you do take a bath or shower at night, do it an hour or so before bed. In the morning is good too though, cause then you'll be ready for the day.
PS If you don't have time in the morning, does it really matter when?

Julian G
Night is better. Blow dry your hair. It also porvents baldness longer

i do boh but i prefer morning

Beautiful love
Well honestly both. At night when you take a bath you do get rid of germs and you feel nice and clean. But in your sleep you tend to sweat so even though you have taken a bath the night before you still sweat during the night.

Jason M
I take a shower in the morning. At night you sleep in a bed with your farts and body gasses marinating under your sheets.

your dad said wet hair will make you go blind? what a dummy

Your dad has got some weird superstitions.

Anyways, it won't hurt to do either... it just depends on whether you've got time in the morning or not. If you do, then take two. If I was a guy, I would take advantage of my short hair!

i say at nioght time ... think about it ... say you get all sweaty during the day and you go to bed without a shower... then all the filth is on your bed.. tru?? ok soo then one day you are tired and need a nap b4 a hot date.. lay down and wake up stinky cuz you always go to bed without shower... now think of it this way... shower at night and your bed stays clean longer alowing you to not be ashamed when you have a male/female come ove r... and the smell that stench soo i think night time... but hey i take one at night and in morening so who am i to judge lol

Sprite me up!
I don't see how it will cause blindness. It can make you sick if it's cold, but yeah. I like to take them at night, because it gives me more time in the morning to get ready. And showers are better, because with baths, you sit in dirty bath water.

blindness? what

I think the best is at night because it makes you sleepy and then you crawl into bed.Sometimes I don't even wash my hair, so its just a warming sensation more than a way to clean myself.

dont you watch seinfeld though? baths don't get you clean!

i think your right. or you could just take one at night and in the morning(:

it doesnt cause blindness, but you tend to be a tad colder during the winter. Either way, I like morning except for when school starts and I dont have anything to do afterwards.

LOL your dad is so funny, it cant do that. I prefer at night because i work with horses all day everyday, when i come in I'm dirty, dirty. When i go to bed a night and my hair is wet i just put braids in, my hair is down to my bum so i have to do something and no way a blow dry touches my hair.

Well it really depends i like to take them in the morning because that kind of makes me wake up for school. At night I feel ok to like if it is really hot then yeah of course you are going to feel clean. It is up to you.

Whenever it's most convinent is best, especially if your family is large (most family's arn't large anymore though...).

I shower in the morning then take a tub bath at night to wind down.


There is no proof that washing your hair at night causes blindness, its an old wives tale! lol personally I like to take showers in the morning (if you have time) it really helps you wake up and start your day!

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