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Best Regards

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 My left testical hangs 1" lower then the my right why?

 Does the tetanus shot hurt really bad?
because im going to get it like in 4 more hours

 I suffer from really bad hangovers, does anyone have any good hangover cures???..that actually work?? :)?

 Do you like long walks?
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I have a car. ...

 Baby is constantly vommiting on breast milk and is not thriving?

 What could this be?? My glands are really swollen, I cant swallow or it hurts really bad, I get really hot....
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Is hair gel good or bad for health ?
I would like to know whether using Hair Gel is bad for the hair and scalp? In brief I would like to know whether it has any negative effects on health!!?

hair gel isnt used anymore - oils are usually put in the hair because its better and gell just makes the hair flaky and gross

*cHiNeSsE gIrL*
well, it depend what kind of hair gel you get. but the average hair gel isnt bad for ur hair or health. like patene hair gel ist bad. it actually smell really good, and it doesnt damage ur scalp. good luck

well i know it cause dryness..in the case u use it everyday...just try to get easy on it..

I have been told that hair gel may cause dryness of the hair and if used too heavily will cause strain on the follicles, leading to premature baldness.

Hair products with alchohol and oils can be flamable (as micheal jackson can attest to)

Eating hairgel or using it in any other way asided from combing into your hair may cause illness.

no none

Dawn S
No, not really

i think the only way hair gel is bad for the hair an scalp is when a person uses it everyday and never washes their hair but maybe once a week or once in awhile and believe me ive seen this.and it is soooooooooooooo GROSS!!..i think it clogs the pores on the head and causes the hair to break off..this is my theory..i feel it doesnt cause any general health issues..unless a perosn is allergic to it and has a reaction ...to it...like makes the scalp itch... dry flaky...and also causes hives rash or anyother syptom of a reaction.

kishor m
your hair is very good & you have good thinking so you has not nigative , you are a possitive

A lot of hair gel these days includes nutrients, which is good for your hair.

I don't think so as long as you do not use so much as to block your hair follicles.

Tryin 2 hide the tears
maybe maybe not just depends

krissi poppy
sodium laurel sulfate is questionable.

Laurie F
It doesn't have any negative side effects on your health.

I guess if it got wet and ran in your eyes it would sting.

If you use really cheap, drying stuff it might dry out your scalp a little.

Or, if you didn't take a shower before you went to bed, it might get all over your pillow and then cause you to get pimples!

So, I guess, yeah, it can be bad for your health...kinda. ;)

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