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Is drinking hot water more beneficial during hot weather?
What is the best drink for hot weather

yes as it slightly raises your body temperature causing you to sweat more sweating is the bodys natural cooling process.
if you drink cold drinks it lowers your core temp preventing sweating and causing false temperature readings and can cause other problems

no, i don't think so. i think cool drinks are better coz they help your body to loose some heat and in hot weather it';s important to lowere your core temperature. so cold drinks are better in hot weather!

When its hot drinking anything is good. The temperature of the water doesn't matter too much as long as its nice.

dont think so just a bit more unpleasant

In hot weather a hot drink, such as tea or hot water, is very good, Reason being that the body always strives to maintain the average temperature. Therefore if you add hot drink or food to your body, its first reaction would be to cool you down. Therefore in hot weather, the body will bring the body temperature down further and you will feel cooler.

If you drink or eat very cold foods, within minutes you will be hot and sweaty again.

If you do, only drink water that has been boiled as the hot water out of the tap could be from your tank & if you look at your header tank water you would not dream of drinking it. I have been drinking filtered water over the last heat wave but don't gulp it down as it will give you stomach ache

Neil G
i drink nothing but coffee

If you drink cold water, it is refreshing, and temporarly cools you, but makes the enviroment you are in seem hotter, so the effect is short term.

Drinking warm drinks, raises your core temperature, so the enviroment seems coorler.

Choice is yours, I tend to alternate, but also make sure I get plenty during the day

I also think drinking hot things (tea, coffee, whatever) in hot weather is not a good idea (what one drinks in an air-conditioned space is another topic altogether). In the normal way of things, when the body is hot, the self-regulatory processes try to cool off the internal organs; mainly by sweating and the heart transfering blood out to the limbs to cool of from the effects of sweating. The goal is to keep the internal organs cool. If you heat them... the heart may burst from overloading. Analyze your info. The knowledge is there.

andy g
No but they say warm water settles the tummy.
Chilled water and keep hydrated

Philip C
It depends why you are drinking it.

If you are drinking to cool down, the answers above have pretty much covered it, but if you are drinking to rehydrate, the liquid will be absorbed far quicker if it is close to your own body temperature.

judith r
Hot water will actually raise your internal body temperature, quickening the onset of heat stroke or other heat induced maladies, the best thing to drink during hot weather is cold drinks with vitamins and minerals added( like gator aide or juice)

Drink normal water in summer, lukewarm in rainy and warm in cold.

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