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Is Sleeping too much harmful?
If one gets 13hrs of sleep a day, including daytime naps, and this person is in their early twenties, is this more harmful then good? Shouldn't you be in your prime at this age, and should be pushing yourself and full of life, not sleeping every day away? Is something wrong here? Thanks

I wouldn't say that its harmful to your body but i would say that it problably might signal a possibility of a medical issue such as depression or something like that. Hope this helps :)

well... i guess it could make you more lazy. Sleep is definitley important bbut having too much makes u miss out on a lot of stuff. but no, its not harmful

No, sleeping can help you gain back alot of energy and be focused and concentrate.

Dancer <33
hii sleeping is a normal thing and it is fine to sleep a lot. But sometimes that can mean you are going into depression because you dont want to deal with the days activites. But you dont seem depressed so sleep all you want =)

Cocoa Cake
too much sleeps is bad cuz u'll miss a lot of the day, but other than that i don't think it's bad

not harmful

your body is not going to let you sleep more than you need.
if your body feels fine. then its okay,
but don't try and force yourself to sleep when your not tired.
thats not bad, but its not good either.

It's not harmful, but it could be a sign of something. When I was slipping into a depression, all I wanted to do was sleep all day and had no motivation for life. Or you could have a sickness. Or it could just be nothing and you could be one of the those lucky few who have excellent hours of sleep :) !

i know how you feel. but too much sleep can actually make you feel more tired so you sleep more... its not really harmful, but it causes lack of energy.

Well do ya?!
Nah, it will make you grow taller though.

Jude Astrid
Getting a good rest is never a bad thing! It is in no way harmful. You just want to make sure that while your awake your active, getting enough exercise, etc. The amount sleep you get doesn't necessarily reflect you age. If you are stressed out in any way your body may respond by sleeping. No worries... you are totally normal!

enquirer 88
it's a waste of time, but no harm. The person would not be getting enouh exercise or nutrition though. It's a time to soe, so you can reap in later years :)

I have read up on this and had 2 doctors tell me this. Men should only get 8 hours of sleep and women get 6 1/2 to 7 hours of sleep. I you sleep to much it can take years off your life. It ages you faster. Not only do you get dehydrated faster but your body need 6 to 8 small meals a day. Meals the size of your hand, but when you eat dinner it is regular size. your body is a lot healthier this way and you have more energy.

no sleeping too much isn't bad for you, infact its good; unless you're being lazy and unproductive, sleeping for 13 hrs is fine as long as you have the time!

Susan Yarrawonga
Sleeping too much is almost as bad as sleeping too little and will make you feel very tired and very weak.

researchers are now reporting that too much sleep at night, as well as too little sleep, could potentially double your risk of death.

Whether the condition is chronic anemia or some form of cancer, most people who need that much sleep are not in the best condition," Emsellem added.

the recommended amount of sleep a average human needs is 7-8 hours.

Yeah, you should get up and enjoy your life and not oversleep, but it can't hurt you totally. But believe it or not, sleeping too much will actually make you feel more tired. I'm not kidding either. I learned about it in a psychology class in college. You're body is used to a certain amount of sleep, but then when you extend that amount of sleep by a lot or sleep for days at a time with very few active moments in between, you're body becomes tired because it is trying too hard to perform the normal everyday things it's used to doing while you are up and active. I would suggest anywhere from 9-12 hours of sleep a day and then you should get up and enjoy life! I totally know what you mean by the way, because I used to sleep too much, but know that I get a healthy 9-12 hours of sleep per night, and then go out and go about my life during the day, I feel great! Good luck with everything!

sleeping too little is bad, sleeping too much is bad

The only thing that I can tell you might become a problem is weight gain. Studies have shown that people who get less than 7 hours of sleep and people who get more than 9 hours of sleep tend to be more often overweight than people who get 7-8 hours of sleep within a 24 hour time period. Other than that, there aren't necessarily any health effects.

In many cases, there are pre-existing conditions that force people into sleeping more than the recommended 7-8 hours a night," Dr. Helene A. Emsellem, director of The Center For Sleep & Wake Disorders, said.

"Whether the condition is chronic anemia or some form of cancer, most people who need that much sleep are not in the best condition," Emsellem added.

On the other hand, too little sleep has been linked to many problems and issues people have such as cardiovascular problems, especially in women.

Maleah B
Sleeping too much has the same negative effects as sleeping too little.

This person may be depressed.

What's cookin??
I would be worried about a medical problem causing that much need to sleep, like anemia, or a psychological problem like depression, maybe even both!


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