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If your urine is dark brown orange colour does that mean i could be pregnant i drink plenty of water and have

it means your very de-hydrated so drink loads of water x

The darker your pee - the more dehydrated you are. In the heat you should be drinking 3 litres a day - 5 pints!

If you think you could be pregnant, do a test. Put your mind at ease, or not....

You are probably still NOT drinking enough water (do you find you are regularly consitpated this is a sign of not drinking enough with dark urine)
if you drink only when thirsty you are missing out on 30% of your needs it is reccomended to drink AT LEAST 3 Litres (6 Pints) of fluid a day of which 2 or more litres is water based (not tea,coffee or alcohol).


a. You are not eating enough protein or calories (protein breakdown causes orange discolouration of urine as the body canabalises its own muscle)

b. You are on medication that causes discoloration

c. you have a liver disorder, (is you poo pale and/or eyes/skin yellowish then this will be confirmation)

d. you have a kidney condition.

if drinking a LOT more water doesnt solve it then see your doctor. 90% of people only drink the minimum amount of water they need to survive rather than the amount they need to stay health the shortfall is often 1 litre per day

It means that you're dehydrated and need to up your water intake until your wee is a light yellow colour. Any lighter than than and your intake is too high.

No, it means that you are dehydrated. Drink plenty of fluids, even if you don't feel thirsty.

If it smells bad, you may have an infection.

just m
I don't know, what other symptoms do you have??????????????

if your having that color go see a dr thats not healthy if you drink plenty of fluids

Sorry. That is not a sign of pregnancy. But you may have other medical problems. Is anyone in your family diabetic?
Check with your doctor.

That is an indication of urinary tract infection go see the Dr because nobody gets the urine brown or orange coloured

I am an alternative medicinal therapist and an ex nurse. You may be. The colour means that it is concentrated you man even have a water infection. the orangy colour may mean it's mixed with blood. Do you have a lot of headaches, back pain(lower) do you have a temperature, if the answer is yes to one or more of these see your Dr NOW! Drink at least 2 litres of water per day plus Cranberry juice.


Sometimes when you take vitamins it can make your pee turn bright orange or brown.
Also, when you are dehydrated your pee is more concentrated and it makes it darker.
It's no indication of pregnancy though.

the colour of urine is nothing to worry about depends wat uve eating and taking any supliments,
only cause for concern is when there is blood in urine

Em no! you can only know if you are pg if you do a test. go and see your doctor.

Colour of urine does not in any way indicate pregnancy. You are either very dehydrated, or could have a problem with your liver or gall bladder, drink at least 2 litres of water a day, if it goes back to normal then probably OK, have a look in the mirror at the colour of the WHITES of your eyes, if they are yellow, then see your dr without delay, probalby not a bad idea to get him to look at you anyway even if they aren't yellow.

what have you personal? it could be liver or kidney problems if its dark all the time,certainly doesnt indicate pregnancy

sometime if you hold your urine too long it can darken but usually only to a dark yellow color.

usually this is an indication of dehydration-so keep drinking lots of fluids-try to avoid juice or soda if possible-they are full of sugar and can worsen the dehydration

medications and some foods (especially candy) can discolor urine as well

Dark brown or clear urine is characteristic of a liver disorder such as acute viral hepatitis or cirrhosis .

pregnancy usually does not effect the color of the urine.

Seek medical care ASAP

no,in that case drink tender cocnut water daily

The color of your urine does not indicate if U are preggers...get a home test.

It means you should probably go see your doctor

Beautiful mind
You can be either

Dehydrated in which case drink a lot of fluids like water of any brand (tap water, mineral water, non mineral water ..etc) or any other juices of fruit or vegetable origin

Or you could be having jaundice where your liver is inflammed and they call it hepatitis

Or you could have had a lot of carrots

Disgruntled Biscuit
I don't think so. Check with your doc, you could have a protein imbalance. Also, I think one of my friends mentioned that when she had a UTI, the antibiotics they gave her made her pee go orange. On any antibiotics??

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