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Ann B
If you drank antifreeze would it kill you?
if you half a bottle, how long would it take to kill you and how would it kill you

dont drink it, cause u will probably get sick and maybe die

dont drink it!!!!

yes it will all your major organs will stop working as will your nervous system

Lusty Lush
i would say it would kill you.

demetri c
i drank 8 ounces and didnt die
but then you need to go through dialysis and live with kidney pain forever.

if you drink 8 ounces and do nothing for 3 days you will likely die after kidney failure and then have super high blood pressure.

go for it if you must. i would rather suggest you cook a cigar in a small pot of water. then boile down the water until it can fit in a shot. drink the shot in a cup of coffee and then you will die fast....

no need for razors or guns.... good luck

It would, yes.

Mr Lizard
I've tasted anit-freeze. It has a pleasant, sweet taste. That's why dogs like it. It can kill you, so don't drink too much.

Yes it will

Ethylene glycol metabolizes into highly toxic compounds that can cause renal (kidney) failure as well as widespread tissue damage in other organs.

yes, there was a case a while back when a woman had poisoned her husband with it who was rescuscitated but suffered massive brain injury, and has an extremely low quality of life (if any).

Mrs. Maintenance
It sure would.

You mean like this "lady" did to her husband:

Brendan O
i think you need to see a doctor, and maybe a therapist. if you are seriously thinking bout this you should go to your nearest emergency room and seek help

yes of course

Have you seen this story?

Haven't you read a paper lately? A woman has just been jailed for nearly killing her husband with the stuff.

If you drank that much, and did not receive any medical treatment, it would certainly cause harm. At the very least, it would probably result in blindness. Depending on the individual, death is a possibility. It is impossible to give specifics on how long it would take because that would vary from person to person.

Now, a question for you - would you please explain why you are asking us this question?

yeah it would kill u not sure how long but it would just be silly 2 drink it

Not necessarily.....

A woman who tried to kill her husband by putting anti-freeze into his curry and wine has been jailed for 30 years.
Kate Knight, 28, was found guilty of the attempted murder of Lee Knight at their home in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire in 2005.

Judge Simon Tonking, at Stafford Crown Court, told Knight she showed "little remorse" and would serve at least 15 years before being eligible for parole.

Mr Knight, 38, suffered kidney failure and brain damage and is now blind.

He is also partially deaf, has some paralysis of his facial muscles and needs 24-hour care.

See link below:


A long time but most likely just cause severe damage.

Neil B
if it does not kill you. it will leave you blind, death. ruin your kidney's and leave you in a life of misery. don't do it.

Catherine J
I just saw in the news the other day a woman gave her husband anti freeze in a drink to knock him off and keep his pentions. it left him deaf blind dumb and no sence of smell. he sirvived and she got 40 year prison sentance!!!

the liver metabolises it to toxic byproducts

No it won't kill you,it will only damage you body I hope your really not planning to do something if you need to talk to someone please contact me or someone that is willing to help you I pray for the best


Crimson and Clover
you would go blind!
have fun!

yes it would kill you and it wouldnt take a long time.

Don't try it, but I don't think so. I do know for a FACT that it does kill animals, so clean it up and dispose of properly.

old know all
Antifreeze usually contains ethylene glycol which is a purgative in small doses and highly toxic in large doses. If you drank half a bottle, it would make you violently sick - and that might just save your life. If not, it would be a painful death.

Phil D
it can, if you have enough, but normally makes you blind, deaf and puts you in a coma, then kills you.

Yes, it could. A woman in England was recently jailed for poisoning her husband with it.

blind,deaf,paralyze,handicap,damage your brain

dont do it

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