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If you crack you knuckles, does it make your fingers bigger?
i use to have tiny fingers. ive cracked my knuckes as a nerous habit for many years. i got a ring for christmas and it doesnt fit. could this be from weight gain? what things make your fingers bigger?

richard s
Cracking your fingers has nothing do to with growth or arthritis. its actually good for your joints in your fingers. It flushes fluids that are between the joints. The crack is just the fluids rushing out. It's most likely from growing or possible weight gain if your fingers have gotten pudgie.

Jenny C
No, it's called growing.

no, and it does not cause arthritis either. the sound you hear is the sound of bursting bubbles in the fluid surrounding the joints.

the podcast skeptoid included this in its list of medical fallacies. (re its connection to arthritis)..you can also follow the link below...and yeah, i pop them too.

No,but if you crack them the wrong way then yes they get puffy for a while,and red ,cracking your knuckles is a great way to get arthritis! If you gained weight then you're fingers would also get bigger.You should find a way to stop,you will get arthritis as you get older from it,try an elastic band around your wrist and snap it whenever you crack your knuckles and hard!

Good Luck!=D

I started a habit of knuckle cracking this year. My fingers do seem a bit puffier than it used to be. And when I wake up, my fingers do tend to be sore.

princess e
it makes your knuckles bigger ... not ur fingers

charlie c
That cracking sound you hear when you do that is the tendons crossing over each other. They're rather flexible and will often lay on top of one another without sufficient movement. If done a lot it can make them swell somewhat, but they'll go back to normal quickly. Try to come up with some other nervous habit, it could become a problem as you get older.
Charlie C.

Lee Lee
No but it'll make your circle of friends smaller. Damn i hate it when people do that but seriously, yes it could be from weight gain or water retention. Also if your hot your fingers swell and i notice my ring finger swells more towards the end of the day than the beginning

It supposively makes your knuckles fatter or swollen, but it should not affect the size of your finger.

no but its good way to get arthritis!

Pell M
Cracking your knuckle has no effect on the size of your fingers. So, crack away.

Cracking your knuckles affect your joints I suppose.

Pained joints might make your fingers swollen. Mine became swollen after getting jammed while playing basketball.

Otherwise, I don't think cracking your knuckles make your fingers bigger

Troy C
My dad is a retired orthopedic surgeon that specialized in hand joint replacement. The answer is no well sort of no. The pop comes from nitrogen being released in the joints. But look at the link for more information.

Mine are actually stiff until I do pop them.

i hope thats the only problem it causes, i developed that habit as well v.v
i dont want to get arthritis because of that lol.
but i think you just grew that why the ring dosent fit, who knows maybe it wouldnt fit if it was years ago still..

you will get arthritis & swollen fingures & make it more ugly. It will wear away your joints.

My dad only cracked one knuckle all his life habitually. As a result , that knuckle was considerrably bigger than the rest and later he complained of arthritis in it and not the others. Arthritis can make joints swell. Do you have pain in these joints? I think weight gain or fluid retention would make the flesh between the joints bigger.



I'm honestly not sure. I crack my knuckles also..I've always heard that your knuckles do get bigger when you do this, but I have never seen any medical proof. So, if you find medical research, let us know!

i used to crack my fingers too, and oh boy my mother couldn't stand it! she told me one time that if i was to continue cracking my knuckles then my knuckles could get swollen, but even till this day, i crack my knuckles and find nothing wrong with it.

RiA [ToFu] ♥ 's PJ
Cracking your knuckles can cause inflation in your joints and then later cause arthritis when you get older. Inflation is when liquid gets in your joints and will cause pain. But you should check to see if your joints are getting bigger.

Kore G
no but you can get arthritis wich makes your joints hurt

no, it gives you arthritis.

thats an old ppl myth. ive been cracking my nuckles since i was about 7, and now im 14. and ppl say that i have the smallest fingers that they've ever seen.

so no.

umm no cracking your knuckles wont make your fingers bigger but dont crack them too much because i heard that your hands will be weak and shake at an old age.... umm usually in summer your finger gets thinner and in the winter it gets thicker (or vise versa.. not sure but i no thats true)

There has never been a meaningful study done that has shown knuckle cracking to be harmful to the finger joints. 25% of americans crack habitually.

I know one thing.as you get older you will
have arthirizes in every joint you have hurt.

no. it makes your fingers hurt in the future.

your fingers get bigger becuase you get older and taller. and posobly weight.

I do that too since I was 10 and I still do it occasionally today that I'm 22 years old.

I haven't noticed any abnormal size gain or pain.

The only thing you should consider about your habit is that some people don't like it so you should avoid doing it in public. ;-)

The fact that your ring doesn't fit could be caused by weight gain but it could also be caused by natural growth if you're in the proper age.

Finger growth basically depends on your DNA. Certain genes are responsible for such characteristics of the human body. Diet poor in calcium can affect the growth of bones but usually reduces their strength instead of their size.

I hope I was helpful.

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