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Laura L.
If a person dies of natural causes what did they die of?

old age? or just any illness. i suppose unnatural causes mean accidents and murder.

death. haha. old age or something

Heart stops, organ failure due to old age.

sumtin dat happened naturally. i.e. dey Wern't murdered!!!
Like a heart attack or a stroke or a very bad asthma attack or sumtin along those lines!!

They could die of many things , natural cause usually means that the person lived into old age and died due to age related complications . It can also mean there is no specfic cause of death , like heart attack , stroke , ect . and it can also mean that there were many things that lead to the persons death that were age related .

too old to hang on

old age, illness etc.

A number of reasons could be possible. Organ failure, succumbing to disease or ailments, etc. Any type of death that is not caused by an outside source (accident, homicide, poison, etc.) may be ruled natural causes.

It means all of the bodily functions shut down and the person dies hopefully peacefully in their sleep.

Probibly some organ in thier body finally gave out or some vain burst and they died of just having old parts...

old age

natural causes, age normally.

Brad P
Cardiac arrest and/or seeing Bush as president: "causing" the "natural" world nothing but harm.

a blow to the head

"Natural causes" is a broad term that means that a person stopped breathing and their heart stopped beating. It means that they died a natural death, they did not choke, get murdered, commit suicide, have an accident etc... "Natural causes" is listed as the cause of death of many elderly people, but usually, they have, in reality had a heart attack or a stroke, both common maladies of the elderly.

Yeah, old age. But.... When we say that someone old has died of natural causes, we probably don't know exactly why they died. Did they have a heart attack, a pneumonia leading to sepsis, a dysrrythmia etc... Part if it is that we don't do as many autopsy especially if there is no suspicion of foul-play. Imagine trying to fill out a death certificate on a old person found at home dead. I can honestly say that when I fill it out, at best its an an educated guess.

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