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Consumption of pork causes several diseases
logic and science. Eating of pork can cause no less than seventy different types
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 I got 5 canker sores in my mouth at one time about a month ago and when they started to go away I got 5 more,?

Additional Details
canker sores are NOT std's or are they contagious....they just hurt like ...

 How long does "pot" stay in your system?
Took a couple hits over the Thanksgiving hoilday. Many new emplo yers want a drug test taken these days. What the time line?...

I used to bite my nails. my mom would tell me that I had bugs under my nails. Is that true?

no its not true but they are riddled with bacteria that could possibly make you sick

whats your age? if you are under 12 yes you have bugs under your nails.

Of course. There are bugs everywhere. Dust mites for example are everywhere. They live in your eye brows, on your skin, in your bed.

There is also bacteria. Nails are dirty and it's a bad habit but, I use to do it too. Don't worry.

maybe not bugs but gerns. biting your nails is a bad habit, thats why your mother told you that so that you can stop doing it. Is it working?

OMG YES. There are some many nasty things living under/around your nails. YUCK!!!

It could be true, not necessarily "bugs" but germs.

How old are you? Why would you believe that?


Adyghe Ha'Yapheh-Phiyah
Yes, These bugs are also known as BACTERIA. Like Streptococci, This causes Strep Throat.

Bugs? I don't think so, but germs, yes. Lots of germs.

yes definately;

more than bugs

no, she was probbly just trying to get you to stop bittin them. Although there is normly lots of germs and dirt there that cant be seen by the human eye, so its not good anyway.

Well technically you might if your hands were dirty but don't freak. You'd be surprised if you knew all the places where little buggies hang out and would probably never get any sleep. They won't hurt you but if your real concerned just keep things as clean as is reasonable but not obsessed

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