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I sometimes feel dizzy and my eyes cross. I have noticed that my lips are very pale in colour. What is wrong?

jock Mc doogle
sounds like you've been fcuked by a gorilla

Lay off the meth

Well, what are you on?????????

Sorry but you have to admit, some questions simply beg a daft answer, he he he.

Seriously if you are serious - go see your Doctor or GP, you sound to me as though you have some sort of anaemia or something to do with your blood. You perhaps need more iron in your diet, but get it checked out to be on the safe side.

iain xx
I think you might be drunk hehe.

Sounds like you have metaphorsed into Clarence The Cross Eyed Lion!! Of course you are probably too young to remember that programme but your symptoms sound like he looked!!!

you might have meningitis
or maybe you been sitting in front of the computer for to long
i get crossed eyed and dizzy

Sounds like anemia (iron deficiency). Eat more food with iron in it. If you pull down your lower eyelid and the area is very red, that is another sign of it.

Could be you've got a problem with blood flow to your heart, so it just ain't getting enough oxygen/blood to function--and that is depleting oxygen/nutrition to your brain, as well.

If you're over 60, overweight, anemic, or not exercising 3 times or more a week, seek medical advice NOW. You could be on the verge of a heart attack or stroke.

are you having some sort of seizure?

No way to tell from here - could be simple anaemia, could be just about anything. Go see your GP.

Dr. Nick
It sounds like it could be either
-low iron
-low blood sugar

I would recommend seeing a doctor to make a diagnosis.

If I had to guess, I would say you sound anemic. However, you really should consult a doctor, not this site. If you feel you need some kind of answer before going to see the doctor (which I really urge you to do) then go to webmd.com. You can check your symptoms there and THEN go to your doctor!!

Be well!!

It sounds as if you have a low iron count. Get it checked out. There are natural ways to restore your iron levels without taking it in a pill.

You might also be suffering from low blood sugar.

I don't know about your eyes, so get a professional diagnosis.

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