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Lynn M
I might have fluid in my knee. i dont know if i should drain it. i would miss work if i did what should i do?
i have had a problem with my knee for a whiel. i dont know what to do because i dont know if draining my knee will keep me out of work or something. i dont know if i should get it drained or not. i really dont know. what do you think i should do.

Additional Details
it's really hard to bend down to pick something off the floor when i have to het down on my knee and it hurts when i bend it to get in to my locker. and it hurts when i am standing up sometimes as well. it really scares me

Don't listen to what people are going to tell you on Yahoo! answers over what your orthopedic surgeon has told you. If he thinks ou should drain it, then drain it.

I have had fluid drained from my knee. It is not a comfortable procedure and its difficult to sit still and watch the doctor probe around your knee with a long needle aspirating fluid. In my case, I had so much fluid following an injury that I could not bend my knee at all. After having the fluid drained, I felt much better. It didn't hurt as bad and I had a much greater range of motion. Providing you can bite the bullet and endure the procedure without any sort of sedation (with isn't too hard, especially if you know how much relief will come from it), the only time you should miss from work is the amount of time you're physically at the doctor's office.

Lil Girl
you need to see a doctor. and if it is fluid on the knee it needs to be drained

Draining the fluid would only be done with a needle. I don't think you will be out of work long.

How much work have you missed already?

if it's life threatening or if it bugs you real bad, get it drained. they'll let you out of work for that. it's called workers comp. or a break. if they don't let you go and drain it, sue them for putting you in a risky threatening situation

If you do not wish to undergo the procedure, apply the logical steps of elevating your knee as much as possible when you are not mobile, flex and have gentle massaging. Comfortable shoes will also help.

However, this is really only a temporary solution and if fluid around your knee is a serious problem, the minor and straight forward surgical procedure will be necessary. Otherwise, long term issues could cause more immobility and problems for you.

Chew on this!
Go see a doctor. He/She can advise you. Don't do it yourself.

Nice one
You should decide if the pain or swelling interferes with your life. If they do then consult your Dr. Never try to do it yourself. You don't want to get an infection, or hit a nerve! Many things cause swelling. Your Dr is the best place to start.

Eva Nicole
here's some information on your problem, that may help you decide! hope you feel better! happy holidays


Lacey Lady
This happened to my father several years ago. He ignored it and ended up in the hospital having to get it drained and then because it had gotten so bad they kept him from Christmas eve until the second week of January! I would check with a dr. to see what he or she thought. I wouldn't ignore the problem over the worry of missing work or not. Jobs are not as important as your health!

Get it xrayed and checked by an orth. If there is infection, u may have to get the drained fluid cultured to find out the type of bacteria and take anti-biotics accordingly. The orth may even immobilise ur knee joint, if so warranted by his examination.

Nunoyvgvna Awi
whats more important? your leg/knee for life......or.....a few hours/days/weeks of work?

I've had my knee drained many many times due to old football injuries and it really is no big deal. The buildup of fluids make the knee unable to bend as it should and draining it feels much better. You should also find out what is causing the problem and see if it can be fixed before it develops into something more serious.

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