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I keep getting electric shocks off everything i touch
ok it started with the odd shock off my dvd player i put it down it down to it having an metal cover. but recently i am getting shocks off everything in my house including water when i am washing up right down to food when i am eating.
it not just happening at home . when i go to TESCO i get a shock off the trolly's but i don't get shocked from the trolly's at ASDA.

what can i do to stop this as its getting worse by the day and is affecting my work and home life. the shocks are getting stronger. now my arm goes numb every time i get a shock !!!!!!!!

woah thats WEIRD!! awesome GOOD LUCK!! LOL

Wow I get this sometimes I know it hurts.. but no where near as bad as you!

Yeah you should see a doctor and explain to him how bad it is for you!!

Hope you get this sorted.


well i dont know, maybe its the electricity providrs problem

most likely you socks or shoes. change one- if you don't get shocked then hoorah! but if you do get shocked change the other or both! also, some people carry a higher natural electronic charge in their body and theres not much that you can do about that.

I get them quite a lot too. Go to your dr first it may be just a trapped nerve somewhere. In many cases though, you just have to put up with it.

You are using too many synthetic fibres.

I get that a lot, especially in hot weather. It is usually just down to static electricity. If it keeps happening, you should see your doctor.

I get that a lot. I always get a shock off the shelves in Woollies.

Same here!!!
Ok mines not that bad I get shocks off food but especially the door of my car.

Dunno babs if its gettin really bad go to the doc.
might be something to do with your diet??? clothes you wear? who knows!!!

as odd as it sounds ....it could be because of your socks!! if you wear woll or high static socks change to cotton or whatever else it is normal socks are made from.. also maybe try putting a piese of newspaper as an insole into your shoe see does this help!

The Drunken Fool
change your socks and shoes.

My Wife is going through that too. She walks through a doorway and the hair raises on her arms and head. She touches anything and she gets a zap. It seems when she showers, it all goes away for a while. Maybe you should shower everyday.

John M
your home must be very dry. what is happening is static electric shocks. try adding some humidity to your home.

Allen B
I get shocks when I'm shopping - how can I stop this?
Once again, you build up electrostatic charge as you walk around. However, if you're pushing a trolley, the wheels of the trolley can also generate static electricity. As you walk around, you and the trolley both store charge and reach a high voltage. When you reach to touch something, you get a shock.

These effects are made worse by the warm dry air in many shopping areas, and the floor coverings which are used. Even if they were treated against static electricity when installed, this treatment may have work off.

As before, if you wear leather soled shoes while you shop, this may help. Otherwise, you could try holding a key and touching some metal rack with it, to discharge the static electricity painlessly before you touch things by hand.

Sadly, the cure is probably in the hands of the shop facility managers, who may need to maintain or replace the floor covering or trolleys. Usually they don't discover the problem until after the floor is fitted, and it's difficult and expensive to do anything about

Wrap yourself in rubber! SORTED!

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