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Jamie B
I have to get my blood drawn but they can never find my veins?
I just recently found out I was pregnant and when I went into the doctors the first time they couldn't get into my veins because of how deep they are so they poked me about 20 times but never got anything and tried several different spots. Tomorrow I have another appt and I was told drinking alot of water helps. Does anyone else know what to do to make my veins stick out more? I dont want to be a poking board anymore. Any help would be great!

My veins were missing too at one time. So what I did was I contacted my local police department and had a "Missing Veins" complaint made. In no time my veins showed up.

David M
before you goto the doctor lift some hand weights so you can get your veins to pop more

Only trying to help others
I know a trick that make your veins pop out temperarily. Squeeze your upper arm really hard to block blood circulation to your arms and then clench your fist and open your fist repeadedly(do it really fast). I think I know how it works. When you squeeze your arms hard then you block the circulation of blood flow and then when you clench your fist you are forcing it out however the circulation blockage prevents it from leaving so then the vein, carrying the blood, becomes tight and full of blood and pops out. I dont think it does any damage because I do it all the time and our biology teacher introduced us to it so he can't be showing us dangerous examples. I know it seems gruesome when your see veins popping onto the surface of your arm but I do it all the time.
However iit only lasts for a while because as soon as you let go of you arm the blood rushes out so make sure you do it during the vein searching process at the hospital.

be happier own a pitbull
See if they can take it out of the back of your hand if they can't get it in the bend part of your arm. Make sure they have the tourniquet on tight and tap on those veins to get them to stand up. Drinking water helps hydrate you and your veins which helps make them stand up more. Once they find the vein that they can get blood remember where they stuck you, so then next time you can tell them this is the vein your going to get blood out of. I always have to point out the vein in my left arm, because they can't ever get blood out of right.

I'm a Phlebotomist.. we are the people who specialize in drawing blood (nurses get like a 2 day course if they are lucky) .. and here's the deal.. yes, drinking a lot of fluids will help.. also you can ask for a heating pad to bring the veins to the surface. another thing.. if they stick you more than twice, ask them to get someone else.. NO ONE SHOULD TRY MORE THAN TWICE!! if they can't get it in 2 tries they are just guessing at where the vein is.. another thing.. it is SLIGHTLY more uncomfortable.. and leaves a greater chance for a blown vein (which just equals a big bruise that will be moderately sore) but the hand veins with a butterfly are real easy to hit.. if they just can't get your arm.. request them to butterfly your hand... and remember.. it's your body.. ask for someone else if they just aren't getting the job done.

Drinking a lot of water can indeed help. Don't let anyone poke you more that 2 times. People who are experienced can almost always get it the first time but definitely the 2 time. If there is a medical reason that this can't be done then talk with your Dr. about alternatives to having your blood drawn at his office. A phlebotomist at the hospital or a lab is trained and has a lot of expreiance and will have less problems.

Ken C
As an anesthesiologist, I commonly encounter patients with difficult veins to access (in my case, to place IV cannulas).

Some suggestions:
1. Yes, staying hydrated is helpful.
2. Stay warm -- cold causes your blood vessels to constrict
3. Stay calm -- stress/panic causes the vessels to constrict as well.
4. Tell the person taking the blood that you have had difficulties in the past: there may be someone else in the office who is more skilled.
5. Worst case: they can draw the blood from an artery in the wrist. It's more uncomfortable, but better than digging for hours.

Hi Jamie,
I also have this problem and when I have to get a blood test which Is pretty often I ask the nurse to use a butterfly needle And I also ask her to take the blood from the back of my hand
It is not so painful and It usually takes one go.
so good luck vera

ive never had that problem cause my veins are enourmous. doctors always love me. but i think the best way to do it is do pushups before u go in. (probly hard if ur pregnant) but give it a try. and do what they do before u come in, rope ur arm off and squeese a ball

Drinking water would help because it will make sure your veins are full. Also make sure you are warm. When you are cold, your veins contract making them smaller. When you are hot, your veins dilate to help cool you off. Making them easier to find. Crank the heat on the way there, dress warm. Stay warm until it is time for them to draw your blood. Hope this helps. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

That happens to me every time I give blood. Before going in roll a ball or a cardboard roll around in your hand. Drink lots and lot of water and have a big breakfast. Hope this helps

These people don't seem to be professional...Some techs use this as an excuse because they don't know what they are doing. A professional will know what to do, and it will not hurt. If it is a tech, ask for a nurse or a doctor to draw your blood.

I might not have ever been pregnant, but I'm sick often and I have small - rolling veins.

One of the simplest ways to avoid getting stuck often is to tell them straight off the bat that you have small, difficult to find veins. When I would say this, if my nurse was inexperienced - they would call on a more experienced party, instead of many attempts before they did this! Make it clear that you're okay with waiting for anyone, and don't be impatient. Sometimes the best is busy, but if you're willing to wait - it's the difference between bruising and not.

Also, ask them to take it from the back of the hand! That's where I always get mine taken, because the veins there are much more clearly defined.

Its probably the person drawing the blood. If you want to help yourself 1st, ask the person drawing your labs if she has been trained in pflebotomy, then wear something warm. Your veins stick up better if you are warm.
I am a nurse and sometimes drawing labs can be a pain on a person who is really fat or just has very small veins. Deep veins are easier to get into than superficial ones wh ich blow up.
Probably should try the deep veins in the antecubital region of your arm. Drop your arms to the floor and let them hang there. It helps the veins bulge because all of the blood rushes to them.

I'm the same way, and the only thing I've heard is drinking water like you said. I was actually poked so much and then when they finally started to get blood I nearly passed out, so they had to stop and try 10 more times... it was awful and I was an emotional wreck because of it. I think in addition to water, juice helped me stay calm and they were able to get the blood from me when I was lying down.

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