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lenght of TIME?
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15 year old girl.
and 5 feet if that matters....

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I have run out of my blood pressure meds which I have taken for several years. How serious would it be to not
I don't have a pill for tonight and for tomorrow morning, and from then on. I'm not feeling too well, so I don't want to drive the 45 minute drive to go to town and pick it up. Should I take it real easy, get extra sleep, do what to compensate? What if I just quit?

you dont need the medicine. drink 3 cups of coffee and take a jog

god nose
If you just quit your going to die. But you should be OK tonight, go to bed.

Have you heard the expression, "It's as serious as a heart attack?" Drive to town and pick up the medication.

Well, sweetie......I don't want to hear that you cannot get your BP meds.....oh, no! Hypertension affects all organs of your body including your brain (stroke) and kidneys. Do whatever you have to do to get your meds.....ask a friend to pick them up. If you quit.....well, then you will have hell to pay for that. Hope you have good medical insurance!!! If you have to, sell the computer you are on and cancel the DSL.......you can get these meds if you want to!

What I do know about high blood pressure is that when you have it, you should have medication for it which they call "maintenance". And you should really take it as prescribed by your doctor. Skipping from taking it or not taking it anymore may endanger your health and may even cause stroke.

A stroke sometimes is fatal, if not, sometimes it causes paralysis, if not, then luck has struck the person.

But doctors say that when the person survives the 1st and 2nd strokes, chances are he will not survive the 3rd.

Take precautions that that won't happen to you so you'd better continue taking your pills as fast as you can now. But with your condition, you'd better ask someone else to buy those pills for you. Take care.

I am a Cardiology nurse and for two missed doses you shouldn't be having that terrible effect. However try to take them tomorrow as soon as you can. Do not take the missed doses.

If you have any grapefruit in the house tonight, you can have one.
****ONLY TONIGHT though***

Donot take grapefruit while you are on blood pressure meds it will drop the blood pressure too much.

If you stop taking your meds your blood pressure will shoot up and it will increase your risk for a heart attack or a stroke. See if any of the neighbors will be willing to pick up the meds . You may also want to check into having your prescriptions filled by mail in the future..

This can be life threatening. I hope you have someone who can go pick up your prescription for you. If you don't have any refills to call in then have them take you to the doctor to get more....MOVE!!!!!!

Not to be mean or anything, but if you have built up a level of this medication in your blood, you really need to keep it at the same levels. If not, you could cause major damage. so my answer is DUH! Get up and go get your pills first thing tomorrow!

Right on
Well..... (hic) let me see.... no medi(hic)cation.. for two days...

that could be (hic) bad......bartender set me (burp) up (hic) again please...so..let me get this straight... you don't (hic) want to drive 45 miles...45minutes..45 hours.... what the (hic) hell ..

So you want to be compensated (hic) for getting some (burp) sleep... that sounds ok by me... bartender I think....(hic) that this girl needs (hic) some help or she is going to (fart) quit.... oh excuse me..(hic) sorry I am losing gas too..

If your life isn't worth a 45 minute drive then what can anyone say. I ran out of pills and had an eye hemorrhage and loss my per referral vision...all out of stupidity.

oh hon if you as suppose to take them to keep your blood pressure down then you should because your blood pressure could get too high making you heart beat hard and faster and could cause you serious injury! i suggest getting more meds if you can

You need to get your medication. It is not a light matter to not take your high blood presurre medication. Have someone drive you the 45 minutes if you don't feel like driving alone. The company will make the ride seem that much shorter when it's shared with someone, and you'll have your medication.

You better go and get some more. Going until tommorrow with out them probably wont cause something to happen, but I wouldn't wait too long.

im not sure.. if your doctor suggest to take them.. then do it.. you might die... and i dont want to lose you! oh my god.. i would miss you so much.. now look what you made me do, i am crying.. hmm, but i really think that you need to get the pills as soon as possible and continue taking them until your doctor tells it is okay not to.

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