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I have alot of mould in my bedroom is it safe for me to sleep in there?
I have mold from improper insulation in my room and it has quite alot of mold in it on the walls. It has gotten pretty bad.
Am I safe to sleep in my room the way it is?
also whats the best thing to clean it up?

I reside in the UK.

K. Marx iii
Mould is usually from outer space. The first living things came from mould aboard comets. You are taking a chance , mate

It depends on the mold. Some mold is harmful and others are fairly harmless. It is best to have mold and insulation handled by a professional.

From your description, I would say no, it's not safe.

Black mold is especially dangerous and can cause lung problems/diseases. You can die from it.

Don't sleep in your bedroom until after you get rid of the mold problem.

There are companies that specialize in getting rid of dangerous mold.

I'd sleep elsewhere until it is cleaned. You will need to hire a professional to fully remove it

no its really not good for your respiratory system, scrub off all visible mould with a scouring pad, then sponge the walls with hot water with a dash of bleach in it, dry the walls and smear with vaseline until you can get someone to check why its forming, good luck xx

peter o
mould is crouse by damp.and damp conditions can give you
various medical conditions.

The Tank
Not really dangerous because the mould won't turn into a marauding fungus monster one night and eat you up. It could give you a nasty respiritory problem though so you mustn't ignore it. Also, it will infect your clothes.

Empty the room of all furniture and run a de-huimidifyer for a day. You can rent them from a tool hire shop (see Yellow Pages).
Then you should re-decorate to remove all traces of the stuff.

Before refurnishing check that there is none on the furniture itself. Finally, get the ventilation sorted out. See if someone can fit an air-brick for you or a ceiling vent.

Incidentally, please don't take this the wrog way, if you intend to stay inthe UK you might like to learn English spelling and syntax. It will make you more popular when you talk or write to people. (e.g. normal English people never say "gotten" and we put U in mould, colour etc.)

Good luck and good sleeping.

I don't know about now but years ago there were many properties with mould around windows and on walls (usually council homes). The spores from the mould would fly around the room and enter the lungs causing asthma and other respitory problems. Children in these properties always had colds and were always ill. I wouldn't advise you to sleep in any room that is damp. I think I saw something on washing it away with bleach, but it's no good just doing that...... you need to stop the problem. Obviously it's a ventilation or like you say lack of insulation.

Have a look at the following site:


Maybe something on there will be of help to you. I sure hope you can get this problem sorted. Good luck.

You should really clean that up. Bleach is probably the best thing to use but make sure you have adequate ventilation.

i wish i knew
this could lead you to get asthma, so you might be ok a few nights, but you need to get rid of it!!!

get a dehumidifier, and it will dry out your room.

clean it up and find the cause!

It is not healthy to live with mould. You will not be able to clean it up until whatever is causing the mould has been fixed.

hell no!!! spray the mold immediately with bleach and get the hell out until you find the source of the water that is getting in to cause this. i recommend
gutting out the walls find and repair the leak and put new sheet rock up, prime and paint with a mildew proof paint.

I'd sleep in the living room on the sofa.until you get someone in to sort it. No it isn't safe, if the mould has fungus in it, that can cause a nasty chest infection

Mate, be careful as if you have any chest or respiritory conditions, this could make things worse.

Try opening a window during summer, but really the best way to deal with mould is by using your landlord/lady, as this is not suitable habitation. Do not let them just paint over it - old landlord wheeze, to save money.
If they won't have it, go to your council (God I hope it's not Enfield, as they're useless) and ask for intervention.

If you still don't get any joy, stop the rent.
Good luck

Chris W
Take a bath
clean the empty coffee cups
failling that wash the walls down & paint them again with a 5% pva glue / paint mix (Stops the moisture getting through)
Failing that .............MOVE HOME!!!!
Makes sense dunit?

Some toxin's are produced by molds and are known to be harmful to health in all people. Other mycotoxins cause immune system responses that vary considerably, depending on the individual. The duration of exposure is a key factor in triggering immune system response. Farm animals often die or suffer from mycotoxin poisoning. Mycotoxins resist decomposition from cooking, and remain in the food chain.

Spores can be allergenic. When inhaled, mold spores may germinate, attaching to cells along the respiratory tract and causing further problems in those with weak immune systems. One example is Stachybotrys chartarum which has been associated with sick building syndrome.

As for cleaning it, you need to get a product which is specifically for removing mould.. Mys elf i have a product called seldon orange water based de-greaser and i use it for everything, try that, it will make the place smell better too!

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