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I feel like my food isnt digesting?
i don't know how to describe this exactly, but i will try my best to be descriptive as i can.
i woke up christmas morning and threw up about 6 times during the day. didnt eat anything until the next night, part of a banana. and since then ive been eating what i can tolerate and drinking water. i've kept it all down, but when i eat it feels like it's not going into my stomach, it kind of feels like it just sits in my throat for a while. a long while. i ate part of a banana around four and it feels like theres something in my throat now, at 8. not like directly in my throat, but down around the collarbone area.
it never did this before, is it related to the stomach thing i had? should i be worried?

Jose V
i guess you dont feel very poopy

Miss L
sounds like you probably have a touch of something. If it continues through the weekend, you might want to go see your DR.

You should go and see a doctor. Don't try to diagnose yourself.

you should be worried, and you should go see a DR. if it continues.

a a
it just sounds like you have a nasty shomach flu, if it dosn't go away in a few days, see a docter (drink water/gatoraid, that what i do when i have the flu) maybe you even have food posining

See a doctor immeadiately. It's pretty important that you digest food.

Miss Kitty
I don't know what it is, but it thinks its definately orth seeing a doctor about. Take care of yourself.

You need to see a doctor ASAP. It may be an obstruction.

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
I wish you had given your age.

Yes it's possible that your stomach virus has irritated your esophagus so that it has odd feelings when you eat.

It could also mean acid reflux.

It could also mean a hiatal hernia. That's a hernia in your diaphragm that helps you breath. Some hernia's allow your stomach to raise above the diaphragm.

My mother has a hiatal hernia and she says sometimes it feels like the food just doesn't go all the way down to her stomach.

stomach flu?

john n
well, as my mom was talking to my cousin long ago this is what i over heard

In my own words

It could be
"possible" that you are pregnant its hard to digest and another idea is start eating small quantities at a time take it easy and enjoy your food

go for a doctor check up

Helen DDS
It's probably the stomach flu (norovirus) Everyone's getting it. I had it, my kids had(have) it. They threw up in their Christmas presents!! It'll ease off. Just take it easy for a couple of days.

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