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I drink 3 cups of coffee a day. Is this bad?

yeah u gonna get short and go ugly...
unless of course that was your base to begin with, then nothing else is gonna happen to ya!

Joanne E


Um.. little bit bad.

You may drink two cups a day..

Coffee isn't good for your health ..

well if u dont care about yellow teeth, and bad health and wrinkles then no ITS PERFECTLY FINE. but if u DO thentry 2 limit it to 1 a day.

no as bad as drinking 3 cups of urine a day...think about that....

I drink about 5!!!Hope it isnt bad for you!!! x

It would be better if you didn't, but as a rule of thumb if you have 2 cups of water to every cup of coffee that will help to get the toxins out. Secondly if it is a craving you can use a therapy like TFT to help or go see a practitioner who can muscle test yo to see if in fact coffee is bad for you. Any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me dochsa.co.uk

I have drank about 8 cups a day for years and its never done me any harm.

depends how big the cup is

nature boy
its fine could be worse you could be drinking bevvy

Yes it bad for you teeth mostly and other stuff to.

3..!! just 3..... wow....i have a least 6 before i can even talk in the morning...!!! ..i must have around 10/15 cups a day with 3 sugars and milk....So don't worry about 3 cups...

Some will say yes. But three per day? Three is just about getting me going in the morning. By days end I'll have drank about 8 - 10 cups. At home my cup is a 12 oz cup. On the road I get about a 12 oz cup as well. Overall I don't think coffee hurts you in the least. More so if it is only three per day.

if your going to become a arthritis prone person in the years to come coffee is supposed to be bad. the addiction is not the 3 cups a day its the craving that leads to the wasting away of valuable other things that the coffee washes through you because you drink it. it's like you drink it and then years down the road your still at it,it is drinking you as the phase goes.

It isn't BAD! but then again, it isn't GOOD! Try changing one of the cups of coffee to a glass or bottle of water instead. This is alot healthier!

I drink 1 to 2. Try to limit it to 2, then gradually to 1. If it feels like the third cup is something you really want then go for it. But if the third cup is just a habit, and youre really not enjoying it, and its as if the habit of drinking the coffee is what is compelling you then thats not good.

Often I don't really enjoy that second cup nearly as much as the first one of the day.

roobies mam
Very bad. I couldnt live on 3 cups a day i would go mad.Have 20.

no but would be even better if you drink decaff

a true friend♥
not at all

Fred P
Hello There, I should'nt think three will harm you, i drink at least 10 mugs of coffee a day. Fred

Hasn't killed me so far?

Everything's bad for you in disproportionate amounts I suppose. What solid evidence is there to prove it harms you in one way or the other. Just a lot of studies that say it's bad, then the next day one says it's good, and at the end of the day if you are living a healthy lifestyle, I think indulgences are permitted.

No: years ago i drank nothing but coffee and i kept getting continuous head aches i consulted a doctor and i had caffeine poisoning

I suppose it is as caffeine is not exactly good for you. However, i drink a lot more then that so who am I to comment really.

Thought I'd get in here before all of the anti-caffeine brigade start to plough into you...

There have been many reports on both coffee and tea - and they've all shown both positives and negatives. But generally it is accepted (except by the anti-caffeine lobbyists) that if you are drinking less than 5 cups a day you should be fine.

Try to drink more water though if you can, its good for the system.

The Guru
Unless each cup is the size of three normal cups the answer is no. Once you get over five cups of standard coffee ( European style not English). you are taking in high dozes of Caffeine. Over 10 you may be addicted and may develop anxiety neurosis, from over stimulation. Caffeine is harmless in small am mounts. Caffeine is found in many plants we eat so Our bodies can readily break it down. As always moderation is the key

No i drink 5 times that amount with being a night worker

Dragon Empress
No, my dentist told me that 3-4 cups of tea/coffee a day is fine

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