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I cant sleep at night and i tend to have a nap in the afternoon,i have cut down on fatty food and booze.help.?
when i do get to sleep its around 3am,but i start work at 7am,i have tried drinking milk,haveing warm baths,reading a book,not done sleeping pills ,coz i wont,its not stress,so wot is it,on the weekends i sleep during the day,and at night its the same thing happens again.

Benedict Z. Aloysius
You have left out the basics: your age, status, company at home, what type of work, and the like.
I am a retired person of 70 years (old people need little sleep) and I sleep around 1am or so and am rested and awake by 3, 4am. A nap in the afternoon. Quite satisfactory so long as I dont allow my mind to linger on the point. There is a lawyer who cannot sleep at all. He works and makes use of the faculty he is blessed with.
Yes, learn to turn the negative to positive. Find some good in the bad thats been dished out to you. There is a maxim : your mind set is your life. And we are blessed with the gift of paralell thinking whereby we can bend our mind to our will.
Try it and you will thank me in five years...........when I will be dead and gone.

I think u got something bothering or a problem in ur mind.
Talk with someone freely let ur self ease.
May be a psychiatrist can help.
And this is one way to solve sleeplessness.

But don't get addicted to sleeping pills.


angela c
You really have to stop the sleeping during the day.Keep yourself active during the day.Don't eat or drink after six pm.Try that.If not u will have to try karms from a chemist.Give it a go for a week.u need sleep.Try yoga before bed and relax.

Just try to stop the afternoon nap with little work in the evening will help to make you go to bed.goodluck.

avoid sleeping at day.

First: try to restrict your naps to max. 20 minutes - otherwise you may have problems in the evening.

I found out that when I have naps during my unemployment period, I could not get sleep in the evening. Today, when I work all the day, I can sleep better all the night.

Too warm bedroom may be another problem. Adjusting the temperature to max. 20oC can help.

Reading some long novel in bed can also help. Do not think business things!

Avoid coffee and tea in the evening! A very small dose of alcohol may help old people to catch sleep, but several portions make sleep noncontinuous and you may wake up several times per night.

I have a secret: if I wake up at 3:00 a.m., I take a piece of cheese...

Good luck for your sleep exercises!

sharon m
i had this problem for around 6 months, not nice eh, but i would suggest no sleep in the day at all, and i bought some niteall from chemist, i used to take them half hour before bed and now i sleep like a baby at night and dont need them anymore it is just getting your body into a sleep pattern, but i dont know what knocked my sleep pattern out before this good luck

avoid sleeping in the day take part in some sort of excerise instead,allow yourself to wind down like having warm milk and a bath or reading

You will have to train yourself into new sleep pattern. Just as if you were training a baby. Stop the afternoon naps and take a good long walk in the late evening, which will help tire you out. Follow this with a warm bath, which should have your eyes drooping and get right into bed. Inform your friends not to drop by or phone after 9 pm the conversation stimulates your brain and can keep you awake. To make sure turn off your phone while having your bath and leave it off until they get the message. You should soon get yourself into your new sleep rhythm. Goodnight.

Lief Tanner
Your problem is that you take naps during the day, and by doing that, you are throwing off your internal chronometers (ie - sleep). Hunams are supposed to sleep during the night, it is in our biological make-up and by taking naps through the day, you are destroying that cycle; so if you feel tired during the afternoon, don't take a nap at all, and stay awake until it is dark outside, so you can get into a sleep pattern better, after that, you shouldn't have much problem sleeping, unless you have foods/drink which contain a lot of sugar or caffeine.

I often experience what you do.....I put my children to sleep, then stay awake stressing about everything until (sometimes 3 or 4) then I go back to bed after I take my children to school. Sometimes I even get a nap in when my husband is home during the day, but I think my sleep is very messed up.

I'm not sure the answer, but my husband tells me to stress the less.......

I wished it would help, but sometimes during the day I am dying for some sleep.

Napping in the afternoon is not helping. try not to and get some nytols they are herbal and work quite well for me

How about some herbal remedies such as kalms?
Or get a friend to stay up all night and al day with you and then go to bed at a regular hours the next night to flip you're sleep pattern around.
Make early morning appointments at the weekend to inspire you to get up and sleep with the urtains open so the daylight wakes you up naturally.
Try going for a brisk walk before bed. Think of a day in bed as a waste of a day.

Drinking Cola,tea and coffee during the day could cause problems. Change to decaf. variety.
As your doctor if there is any medication that your taking that could cause insomnia...cholestorol tablets are a sure cause!

Get more excercise and fresh air...try not to sleep in the day!

You will need to train your body back into the sleep pattern, it won't happen overnight.

You've got to try and stay awake during the day.

Don't eat big meals, eat smaller snack type food - this way your energy levels will remain constant during the day - I don't think fatty food or beer has anything to do with it.

If you can get through the whole day without napping, you are sure to be tired that evening and hopefully get off to sleep nice and early.

do you exercise regularily? Maybe that will help?

Simple - don't nap in the afternoon and don't sleep during the day at weekends.


I have this problem too.

It is because your body does not have a regular pattern of sleep. You sleep all day at the weekends, which means that you don't need to sleep at night. But by the time you get back to work, you need to sleep at night.

It might be a case of having to stop sleeping during the day at weekends and trying to go to bed at a regular time.

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