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I believe I have something stuck in my throat?
I cant get it out and couldn't vomit even when I was severely gagging. It feels like its in the left side of neck. Is this ok for me to fall asleep with and then go to a doctor in the morning or is there a possibility that I can choke in my sleep?

Thanks a lot.
Additional Details
I cant get it out and couldn't vomit even when I was severely gagging. It feels like its in the left side of neck. Is this ok for me to fall asleep with and then go to a doctor in the morning or is there a possibility that I can choke in my sleep?


Thanks for some of the responses. I'm not really sure if its still stuck or if my throat is just irritated. I'm probably just going to stay up the entire night and keep drinking water. My fear is that its in my trachea and not my esophogus.

Mitch M
You have gingivitis.

hmmm i had this problem too. I got a small bone stuck on my left side of the throat or something and overtime it fell down my esophagus and digested... dun worry just keep drinking water and if it is really bothering you consult a doctor.

I highly doubt you would.

And lol at all your answers!

you know once when i was quit ill with a bad sore throat, I ate a lozenge....and I was SO sure that it got stuck in my throat that I was having trouble breathing. I went to ER and insisted the candy was lodged in my troat. they did exray's, used special scopes and everything but nothing. They said to me that sometimes a sore throat can feel like something is stuck.
If you were feeling fine, like no sign of cold or sore throat, then something might be stuck. It couldn't hurt to go to the ER.

DeViL bAbY
i doubt its a very big problem but i suggest you go to the doctors for a check up as soon as possible because if you cant vomit when you are gagging... then i think its a problem

Yes. FWIW, I actually had something exactly where you're talking about! I had to force myself to get it out. I was afraid of gagging and throwing up. It took forever! But you'll be fine. Just keep water next to you in case you need to drink during the night.

Be kind to your self and go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital, they will figure it out for you before hopefully it is not to late

You MIGHT have a hiatal hernia...the same thing happened to me once. Went to emergency think I had a piece of that whitish breastbone stuck in my throat. They did a barium swallow.Turns out I was having a really really bad attack of reflux.........
just a thought it could be that

OR you might need your thyroid checked

if you are that worried, and panicky, go on to the hospital

good luck

no i wouldnt go to sleep! try drinking lots of water to flush it down with! and do u know what it is? if its food it will surely disinigrate within time.

chew a whole slice of bread and try swallowing that all. works with rice better if u've got any. shud go down. otherwise go to a hospital now.

maybe it's a growth. if you can swallow,talk and breathe then i think you'd be ok till tomorrow, but if you are paranoid about it go to the hospital, cuz if you're like me you'll just obsess about it and not get any sleep. drink some water. what did you get stuck in there anyways?

i doubt its serious or u would be on the way to the hospital

I would say if you have insurance or the money for it, go to the ER tonight and explain to them whats going on. Or call them and ask them. You don't want to play with your life man. I would not want to be responsible for telling you to go to bed and then something happening. If you cant afford the ER.... stay up and watch movies or something. Don't sleep till you see a physician!!

Check one of those on-line doctors sites. Most are free.

grams knew best
Was it something that you were eating?
The throat has sections of muscle that continue to contract, even after you swallow, so that things empty into the stomach.
There are also areas that have ridges. If something is lodged in the ridges, it could work it's way loose during the night, posing a possible choking hazard.
The most likely thing is that whatever you have caught will continue to cause irritation and inflammation, making natural dislodging difficult if not impossible.
I would recommend having a triage nurse at least look at it tonight.

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