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King Louis
I accidentally ate a little bit of aluminum foil...?
It was stuck to the bottom of this piece of fudge I was eating, but it was just a very small amount. Will I be alright? I know some who has accidentally eaten their nose ring in a watermelon eating contest...so I should be okay, right? :P

no rreally i think that sh!t can make u crazzy

you'll be fine! as long as it wasnt the whole roll of aluminum foil! trust!

the only thing that will happen that might seem weird to you is the formation of hydrogen gas from your stomach because when you mix tin foil with hydrochloric acid hydrogen gas forms.
other than that you should be fine. just dont make it a habit

You will be fine.

I think you'll be OK. My mom used to tell me to eat bread after events like that, it is supposed to surround the foreign object, protecting the rest of you.

Alternately, I would stick my finger down my throat until it's up.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a physician in matters of health before attempting things. No medical advice has been given or prescibed in this post, only relating experiences.

Steve H
Worst thing that could happen is that you start to bleed internally (very unlikely) but if it was thick it might have scratched, if you bleed it will be little, not enough to harm you. If you start to have a bad stomach, and start to feel like you are sick, just go to the doctor, can't be to safe, but there's a 1% chance something bad will happen ^^.

yeah it should come right out. im pretty sure ive swallowed pieces of aluminum foil at least once in my life.

you are all in my heart forever
of course your going to be fine

Do not ask Yahoo answers. I would think you would be alright but do not take my word for it. You can always call a doctor to be on the safe side. If you are still alive and reading this answer you are probably ok.

You'll be fine.

Eating aluminum foil is great for keeping the aliens away!

Sarah <3

ok not really, im just bored.. =) you should be fine .

You will be fine. I once swallowed a quarter by accident and nothing happened, i passed it within 12 hours. So rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. :)

Dr. K
Sorry to hear it the Aluminum is not like the stainless steel nose ring, it will dissolve in your stomach acid and turn into toxic gas, be very careful not to breathe your burps. I am very serious.

Youll be fine. Dont worry :)

wayne S
fur sure!

Lol yes you'll be fine

Yellow fruit of the loom guy?
We've all done that. No problem. The nose ring would come out and could be retrieved. I would let the foil go on by.

how do you think the tin man was created...


you will just poop it out later..

Cee T
eat a piece of bread

You'll poop it out soon. don't worry.

Kris C
As long as you don't have a preexisting digestive tract condition, I believe you'll be fine.

you might get aluminum super powers.

i don't know actually, I've never ate foil... just everything else, I'll give it a try and tell you what happens

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