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I've been feeling so sleepy lately and sleeping a lot every day. Is there anything wrong with that?
i'm not working on anything physically, but for the past 2 days, I get sleepy in the afternoon, and if i decide to take a nap, I won't wake up until the next morning or even noon.

As u r sleeping lately it can effect you r digestive system n you may get dark circles , so avoid that because that brings bad effect on your face .... so friend go 2 bed as early as possible

if ur not pregnet its prolly depression or juss being bored. or lazy.

You're not preggy, right???

You are probably anemic. You do not have enough iron in your blood. Take iron pills daily, it should help.

are u used to doing more things phsyically? cuz sometimes it has kinda the opposite effect..like when i quit my job instead of working 12 hours a day i wasnt doing anything and i slept about 5 times as much if not that..then pegnent or amemic go to a doctor

hey, u hve to b happy for dat. There r many people going to doctors and spend lots of money, just to get treatment for not getting sleep. For ur case, u hve to b enjoy and not ask questions. so go and sleep well. see u tommorow

Teens will go through spells of needing more sleep. More sleep will take care of the problem.
In the past when I have been sleepy like that my thyroid needed to be regulated. I got nutritional support from my Chiropractor. You could probably also find something in organic/health food stores. Also if I take antihistamines for several days in a row I get very dopey. Are you pregnant?

Oncoming flu
Underlying disease
Sleep apnea.....to name a few

See a doctor if it persists.

Go see a doctor.

does sleepy enjoy you feeling him?

The new thing in my medical community (I work at a hospital) is sleep disorders. Check with a doctor about having a sleep study to see if you "quit" breathng while you sleep. They will ask a medical history and other questions about your sleep patterns - snoring, feeling rested when you wake up, staying asleep all night, etc. Most of the research I have read/heard says that naps should be limited to less than 2 hours or they become "sleeps" and can interrupt the body's regular sleep pattern.

BTW = the long name for the sleep test is polysomnography. Isn't that just the coolest word? LOL

My girlfriend went through that too. She went to see the doctor and she found out she is anemic. Her iron deficiency was enough to make her sleep like 16-18 hours at a time. But yeah it wasn't fun. I even had to go buy a bunch of EPT's so we could rule out pregnancy. Get yourself to the doctor.

See a Doctor for a check up. Could be depression or severe sleep deprivation.

you could be coming down with something...allergies can make you sleepy when you're reacting to something...need more iron in your blood...maybe you're body just needs some down time..studying can also drain you energy..a brain drain is very common when any heavy thinking is done..

maybe you're just tired or depressed

maybe stress or something on your mind?try exercising to raise your heart levels to make u feel more active and maybe see what foods your eating that may also contribute

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