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on leg.

I'm constantly tired all day long even after i sleep 12 or 13 hours of sleep i can still sleep more?
does anyone know whats wrong with me

well i found out if you go to bed too early then you want to sleep in longer if you are used to sleeping in,and then you feel tired

I think you should consult a doctor because it may be something simple such as low iron, anemia, bad sleeping habits or something more complex....start taking better care of yourself..a good multi vitamin, excersise and plenty of water

Well, for starters, DONT sleep that long. If you oversleep, you will be prone to being more lethargic which explains why you're constantly tired.

Try sleeping for only 8hours and going for regular exercise. That helps =)

sOuL dOcToR
Taking the Homeopathic Remedy NATRIUM MUR 30C thrice a day half hour before or after meals, will help you overcome your problem.
Take Care and God Bless.

youre sleeping too much. 7-8 hrs is sufficient.

I had the same "problem"you have several years ago. I discovered that I was simply getting too much sleep. The best sleep is of course is stage 4 or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which on average each of us reach every 90 minutes.

The right or best amount of sleep is different from person to the next. For you it might be the traditional 8 hours or maybe 9 hours. For lack of a better term, you might try setting your alarm for various total hours off sleep.

Me, on average I need just 6 hours per night. Which is 360 minutes or 4 REM 90 minute sleep cycles.

Best wishes for a good night sleep.

Scott W
it is recommended for only 8 hours of sleep but what you need is a "Lift Off" energy tablet that you can drop in water, watch it fizz and drink it down. You can find those at http://www.needenergy-loseweight-lookgreat.com

Good Luck!!

Shot At Sight
You're too bored with life, I guess.

Its because of how long you sleep, after sleeping so long, your body just gets used to it...

You could be sick or something...

Id look it up on another site, and/or ask your doctor about it?

there is a tricky thing about sleep...if you sleep too little...say 3 or 4 hours your body will act as if you havent slept for days. If you sleep too much, like your 12 to 13 hours, you will be drowsy and tired too as if you havent slept for a while too. Nothing is wrong with you, you just need to balance your sleep more. Start trying to get only 7 or 8 hours. Train yourself..set your alarm...make sure you get up

Brian H
try sleeping on a more comfortable bed/place. a lot of people dont get as much sleep, even though they sleep longer than other people. Also check if you snore, because as hilarious as it may seem, snoring can actually keep your brain slightly awake, so it cant fall all the way asleep in some cases, and you end up sleepy no matter how much you sleep.

The only time i slept for those long hours I was clinically depressed. Just couldn't wake up no matter what! That was years ago, and now I sleep like all the "normal" people, 8hours. Good Luck figuring it out!

*♥* ♥* FaeGoddess*♥*♥*
okay could be several things but we'll start simple....1st off you know that a lot of times the more sleep you get the sleepier you are tyr only allowing yourself to get 8 hours and then try to make yourself get up...believe me I KNOW this isnt easy as I too suffer from severe sleep troubles. If you cant seem to get your sel fto get up you could be suffering from possibly cronic fatigue syndrome, or even more common is a thyroid disorder, I was just recently diagnosed w underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism, symptoms can include extreme tiredness, heavy head, moodiness, dry elbows, brittle hair, lower body temp(being cold all the time) there are others too but if you search your search engine for thyroid disorders you will get a TON of info....Im also diabetic so this plays a major role in my problem but from everything Ive read thyroid disorders are SUPER common & are easily fixed w a low dose daily pill....you have to have blood work done to be able to diagnose thyroid problems so Id get to your doc asap & have him check you out!!! BEST OF LUCK!!!

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