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How to sleep in a hotel with an uncomfortable bed?
I'm currently staying in a hotel in Spain (on a business trip) where the bed is so uncomfortable that I can't sleep! Also, the hotel is just noisy (people playing music and talking loudly) despite it being 3.30 am!

What can i do? I'm supposed to be doing a trade show, so I need my sleep, and moving hotels is not an option due to costs!

Please help!

jose v
on the floor dipsit

Sleep on the floor! LOL!

I dont have an answer about the bed, but try turning the fan on high and tuning the noise out. Concentrate on the sound of the fan instead of the people and music.

ear plugs n lots of pillows should help!!!
gewd luck!

Count imaginary sheep. Think of a fence and a sheep jumping the fence. Count them and you will fall asleep.

Make sure the room is moderately cool. Make sure that the room is dark, and there is not much light shining through under the door; if there is, put a towel there or something. The darker it is, the better you sleep.

If you're awake for half an hour and not getting any sleepier, get up and do something quiet; you're probably asking questions on Yahoo now. After fifteen minutes, go to bed and repeat the process.


samilow a
close your ieses and sleep on you face u will feel good

See if you can find a radio or CD player with headphones so you can listen to something soothing or dull. The only thing you can do is make the best of the uncomfortable bed. Are there extra blankets you can pile on the mattress.. You could try taking a warm shower. Maybe the front desk has ear plugs.

all-knowing "1"
I do this all the time in Europe- throw the mattress on the floor, even if it means rearranging the furniture, Then put it back when you leave the room, in case the maid comes in. And buy some earplugs!

splash your face with some cool water, put something soothing on the radio, real low and try to concentrate on that. Also if you can sleep on top of th conforter with just a sheet or blanket it helps soften the lumpy bed

Joe Paramedic
Get some ear plugs and a new room or at least a new bed.

If the bed mattess it too soft, put it on the floor. If it is too hard, put a pillow under your knees while laying on your back. As for the noise, turn on a radio with soft music or turn on the shower for some "white noise" to kill the sound coming from the other rooms. Or just put some kind of ear plugs in your ear, like damp tissues to block the sound.

Good luck.

Ask for additional blankets to put on tp of the mattress - also invest in some earplugs to drown out the noisy guests. What about asking for a different room in the motel?

Muffin ♥
Call room service. That's what my friend and I did when our bed was awful.

pretend your in your dream bed just relax

Your company must be a bunch of tightwads to send you to such a place. You can request another room citing the condition of the bed and the noise situation. You should bring the noise to the hotel's attention. I don't know local Spanish law, but there may be disturbing the peace ordinances, and at the very least, the hotel should provide peaceful lodgings.

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