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 I am getting headaches almost every day?
I have been cutting back on caffeine for the past two weeks. I drink about 1-2 times a week instead of every day, multiple times a day like I used to. This includes soda and coffee. I know that I ...

 How old were you when your hair started to grey?

 Being sick since 4 am bits of blood coming out plz help?
hardly anything comes out sometimes just bits of blood and other times loads of yellow stuff..it really hurts and its proper choking me,i rang the doctor they said they will ring me at around 11????...

 What does it mean when your left eye twitches???
my left eye has been twitching alot lately. is this bad???...

 For those who QUIT SMOKING?
I am particulary looking for answers from those who smoked for decades. After you quit, did you ever get to the point where you went a whole day or even a few days or a week without thinking about ...

 Is there a Website where you can put in your symptoms and it suggests what ailments you have?

 If I have a Vitamin D deficiency, will sitting in the sun more often help me?
I am well aware that I can take a supplement to get my Vitamin D, but I've read that sun helps with Vitamin D deficiency. Is this true?...

 My friend's tongue is swollen to about 3 times it's size and black. What is it?

 If i don't get 8 hours sleep every night, will i get ill? What would happen?
I rarely get 8 hours sleep more like 6 or less and i don't eat breakfast. What are the side affects?...

 How can I get rid of a boil on my daughter's behind?
My daughter is ten months old. She has a boil on her bottom. It is really hurting her. The nurse at her drs office said to give it a few days. Is there anything I can do to make it go away faster?...

 Help my eye popped out!!!?
Oh my gosh, I was testing theory that you can't/shouldn't stifle a sneeze....and my eye POPPED out of my head, it hurts a little, stinging mostly, my mom is going to come over in 30 minutes ...

 Can I still grow??
Ok, I'm not that old.... and i never go outside. I know that I am too young to be on here, but... My I.Q. Is 153...(I'm only 12), So I'm surely smart enough, (Homeschooling), and... ...

 Whats the most effective way to quit smoking?
besides ...

 Is it bad for you to keep 'wind in?

 Where is WHO located?

 6 hours of sleep ok?
I wanted to know if i can get used to 6 hours of sleep a day. I get 8-9 hours now but i just want more time to do stuff. Can i get used to 6 hours a day and if so how long would it take to do so?...

 Is it safe to smoke cigarettes while taking Lexapro?
I've recently begun taking Lexapro for depression, and I've been a smoker for a long time, so is it okay to continue smoking?
Additional Details
Thanks for the responses and ...

 Is it bad to smoke marijuana with your friends every once in a while ?
on average , once a month....

 How can I sleep with a runny nose?
Ever since I went to the beach I've had a cold. Now, I can't go to sleep, because I can't breathe out of my nose. If I try to breathe with my mouth I'll choke. I know I have ...

 Spitting up blood after drink of alcohol?
I noticed that everytime I have a drink now - not much just say 2 cans of lager - after a few hours I spit up fresh blood. The next morning though I spit up blood which is stale as it's much ...

How often should a woman douche? How safe is it also---store bought douches vs vinger and water?

A woman should really only douch 1 time a month if really needed after her cycle but soap and water is all you need douching causes yeast infections and takes away all your natural moisture which is not good for you your natural moisture is what keeps bacteria away and helps you to not get pid

please please please don't douche. it is not good for the body and will be facing alot of problems in th near future.you can use plain(no flavor yogurt) put that in some disposable gloves(don't do it all the time,like twice) and freeze it.then just push it up there.it's safe and you'll never get a yeast infection

A woman should not douche. It causes yeast infections. Just bathe once a week.(as well as shower daily)
If you have an odor down there, then you are not cleaning yourself properly, or you already have an infection.

My Gyn.. said that no woman should douche because you're flushing the good bacteria away.. and that's when problems arises.. If you know for a fact that that area is 'smelly'.. go see your Gyn.. and have it checked out. I got alot of chit when I told him I douched.. Hope this helps.. !

you don't need to at all.

Don't do it. Changes the pH - not good.

It is not recommended. Nature does it for you.

I heard that it's bad because it washes out all of your good bacteria... but I doubt that doing it once in a while is gonna mess you up, probably right after your period ends would be the best time??? Im not really sure....

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