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How much do you need to drink to become an alcoholic?

Additional Details
I guess I wasn't specific..
I don't drink every day and not even every weekend, but I have someone close who drinks about 2 beers every evening, more at the parties and at the weekend.

I worry and wonder how dangerous it is. If you skip drinking, lets say 1 day a week, does it prevent you from alcohol dependancy? I would really appreciate some informative, scientificaly proved answer.

They say it's genetic. So, you could be an alcoholic and never have had a drink.



its not how much you drink its can you go out without a drink, when you start can you just be happy with one..

Do you only go to a nightclub so can still drink etc...

AA talks about two kinds of drinker: a chronic alcoholic (i.e. daily can't get out of bed or eat before a drink) and a periodic, which means people can go without drink for weeks, months and sometimes years without a drink, YET when they do have that first drink it sets off this chain of events which results in not being able to control it or stop after that first drink). The periodic or binge drinker is probably in just as much, if not more trouble than the chronic because at least the chronic usually knows they're f***** but the binge drinker thinks it's normal cause everyones doing it. by the way not doing your liver much good either way! see new stats on younger people with end stage liver disease!! (AA has a saying: "it's better to be in AA rooms pretending to be an alcoholic, than being outside pretending you'r not!!!"

You need to be addicted to alcohol to become alcoholic/ eg if you feel an urge to drink-then oopsie..

Less than you need to become a ninja pirate.

jannie a
you either are or aren't an alcoholic it's an addiction that can be hereditary similar to gambling,some people can drink and not be effected by needing another one, being an alcoholic is a illness it's not in the amount of alcohol you consume.
Is it binge drinking that you could be thinking about which would be different.

You are an alcoholic if you drink more than 4times a week and more than 2 glasses at the time, your body gets hooked, even before your mind be!

Remember Charlie
If alcohol is needed to function and have fun, then you are probably on your way.

it is not the amount you drink its if you crave drink

its not the amount you drink, its how often eg every day needing a drink. Also making up excuses to drink such as we need to celebrate this ot that

Brian H
its not how much you drink its the effect it has on you.If you find you cant just have one drink ut crave for another it might be a good idea to talk to alcoholics anonymous.Alcoholism is an illness of the mind,body and spirit which can be treated .it is not a weakness.recovery is the best buzz.

Bendu Ibrahim
when you can't do without alcohol. when u always take an excessive alcohol, such that you get out of your self always....then u will be classified as one.

1 pint of larger a day or 2 glasses of wine a day. The op word for an alcoholic is DAILY. Not HOW MUCH.

rachel o
its really not about how much. only that you think that you NEED to drink. AA says that if you need to have a drink.. even if its once a year you're an alcoholic. but I think AA is a crazy organization..

I don't know.. I've had a bucket full of gin and tonics tonight, but I don't think I'm there yet.. I will keep trying
seriously it is not how much but it is about dependence. Do you need a drink to get through the day if you do you are probably an alcoholic.
P.S. i have had a lot of gins and I am a bit pissed but I am not an alcoholic

When one drink is too many and 10 drinks aren't enough

when you can't go without a drink morning day and night

Mr. Peachy®
It's like Ninja Pirate said. It's not about how much, it's about thinking you need it.

'Nuff said?

The Truth
alcoholism is a physical & psyhcological dependancy! and the amount needed to become addicted would vary from person to person!

There is no specific amount you need to drink to be an alcoholic. An alcoholic is someone who cannot control their drinking, and alcoholism is an illness.

It doesn't matter how much, it's that you "need" to drink to get through the day or the situation.

You need to feel that you are mentally or physically dependent on alcohol to be an alcoholic.

Its not really a question of how much, its how your body can or cant function without alcohol. In the third stage of alcoholism, the mitochodria in the cells actually change and the body cant function without alcohol anymore, and the body recognized alcohol as a food.
Pretty much, if you start the day drinking and cant be normal without it, you are an alcoholic.

About two years'-worth, every night. Quantity immaterial.

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