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is smoking pot bad for you? what can it do? can it give u cancer?...

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why do i feel this way?
how can i be more awake?
( preferably without coffee or caffine )...

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 Anyone got any ideas on how i can get a good nights sleep?
Tried teas,tablets,pills am now using Badger Sleep Balm-----
Doesn't work-but it smells ...

 Is this too dangerous?
ok so i bought 3 night lights. the packages say they contain lead & to wash hands after handling (which i did). i did not know it contained lead when i bought them. should i keep them? or are ...

 Why does whitish stuff come out from my *** when i sleep at night my age is 14?

 Is if bad for you to drink six beers a day?
I drink at least six beers a day after work to relax, and of course more on the weekends. Is that bad for my body in the long run?
Additional Details
O.K., can I get an answer from like ...

 Why cant i sleep at night? does anyone know why?
i havnt had any sleep in the last 4 nights and im 15 ... i tried having a warm glass of milk, letting fresh air in the room, getting lots of excerise in the day, waking up early for school ( 8 AM ), ...

 What the hell is wrong with me?
I need a diagnosis:

for some reason, if i drink anything for breakfast in the morning (i.e. Orange Juice, Milk, Apple Juice) I get violently ill with nausea about 30-45 minutes later. The ...

 My partner suffers from migraines, what foods contribute to migrains?
He often comes home from work with one, he'll try to sleep it off but mostly ends up vomiting before he feels any better.
Is there anything i can do to help him....

 Im too short!!!?
im a 14 year old girl who is only 4'8!!!!!!!!! i HATE my height!!! i at LEAST want to be 5 feet, but by this rate i bet im never going to get there! can anyone tell me if its something wrong ...

 I am very ill ... suffering from flu and so on ... and I supposed to start a new job tomorrow!?
Could you please suggest me something to get rid of my flu by tomorrow morning please?
Additional Details
thank you all for your suggestions ... tablets are not answering for the last ...

 None smokers who moan at smokers should not drive cars.if they do then they are hypocrites?

Additional Details
when you drive down the street in your little cars the fumes from your car are a lot more dangerous to poeple and childrens then from second hand smoke.just think ...

How many people pee in the shower?
urine is sterile, additionally it has mild antiseptic properties that kill germs, why do people think of it as disgusting to pee in a shower?

well theirs everyone that admits to it and there's everyone that doesn't about 97%

Never that's disgusting! I only do number 2 in the shower.

well... you can. but the toilet is right there, why not use it? i'd understand if you have to step out of the shower room to use the toilet from another room. yes, urine is sterile, but if not cleaned properly -- it leaves odor.

I know at least one. heheheheh

Damsel in Doubts
Well seeing that soo many ppl are being frank... id like to say that it is not disgusting.. but i usually finish off such stuff before entering the shower ...

Heather H
Most people can't stand the smell!

The All-Knowing Sam
Dunno, I do it.

jan jan
more people than will admit to it.

When the hot water hits me I can't help but go. Even if I just went in the toilet .

Eww not me.

you are right, but there is nothing wrong urinating in the shower, actually i prefer the toilet, but sometime i feel like let me just use the shower t osafe the time the toilet will be filled up, i use the shower and use alot of water to flush it , but let reason if you are using bath tube, is not good you start urinating in such , except the smaller shower type, apart from been antiseptic in nature is also good for health , few doctors will tell you to drink your urine for some type of disease and it get it cure,

35% of all people pee in the shower

no that is what the toilet is 4 duh! plus it is so nasty dispose of bodily fluids in the same place as u bathe.

About 3 billions. the other ones don't have a shower.

they think itz disgusting b/c its PEE. they think pee is the same as the solid waste...or they're just too "clean"
i dont think its disgusting but if its another person's pee its disgusting.

i do, and I am not ashamed of it

thats new.... I think I should try that sometime soon, but I think that seems pretty disgusting don't you think???? I don't know... but do you like to pee while taking a shower???

He he he......... no comment.

thats gross!!!

i do...i dont think its disgusting.

You know why use it in the shower when the toilet is right next to it, why not wait until you get out of the shower and then release your sterile urine, its just not the "normal" thing to do, but I won't knock you for being yourself!

ewwwwwwwwwww UR A SICK BA*STARD

Everyone, yes even you reading this. There are just two types of people those who admit it and those who don't!!!!!!

just the thought of human waste being dumped into an area of cleanliness....how can urine be sterile, I thought it was all the waste from the human body, overall though I just think it's a pychological thing....

i do, it washes right off with the water

little dragon
that's pretty sick !!

well i dont because i think thats discusting!!!

If I see a drain and I gotta go, there is no stopping me.

the thing about the toilet being right there, is that, i never have to pee until i actually get into the shower...and instead of getting back out and getting the seat wet and wasting our precious hot water (our hot water heater is about the size of a bucket, seriously :D )....i dont know...but i dont think its gross...what do you think the water in your shower recirculates itself?

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