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 How to prevent a cold??
i can feel a cold coming on my nose and throat feel icky and usually when i get a cold its really bad and lasts for weeks.
ive a big week next week im starting my final year in college and ...

 How do I get my boyfriend to stop smoking?
Its his choice so I'm not trying to stop him becaus eof him; but I am allergic to smoke and its now affecting me. He stops for a while, then gets weak and smokes a box in a day, and I suffer......

 Tips on Sleeping Earlier?
I go to bed at around 9:30-10:30 and don't fall asleep until later than 11:00pm. I really want to go to bed earlier so i can grow taller and get rid of dark circle. i tried to read b4 bed but ...

 Is cigarette really dangerous to your health?
Is it true?...

 Does stress counteract your ability to lose weight?
I work out 30-40 minutes a day - have normal meals and cheat eat maybe once a week - I havent lost a pound (nor inches) in months. Could stress be the culprit & if so how do I combat that?...

 Why does my nose keep bleeding?
it happens like tree or more times a day and its alot of blood each time, when i try to pinch my nose it just runs down my throat, what can i do to stop them or atleast not have as many

 How do i prove to my parents i am really sick?
i have been having massive headachs since tues. but my parents say i have to go to school tommorw since i already missed two days how can i just exharagte my headachs so they can see i really need to ...

 I'm having trouble sleeping. What are some good ways to fall asleep without having to get out of my bed?
I have to get up early for school and I can't afford to keep falling asleep at 1:00 and waking up at 6:00. Are there any ways to fall asleep quicker without using pills and without getting out ...

 When you turn the tap on to wash your hands is it not pointless when you have to turn the tap off again ?
It seems a pointless exercise, you place your dirty hands on the tap to turn it on and then after washing your hands you place your clean hands back on the tap, that has the germs from your hands ...

 It has been a little over 32 hours since my last cigarette... got any tips or advice?
I have quit smoking before, I had quit for about 2 years when I started up again. (Like a dumb@ss) I have been smoking for about a year and I am ready to quit again. This time however it seems to a ...

 Is It True That Taking One Aspirin Every Day Is Good For Your Health...?
...and likely to help you avoid having heart problems? I heard this somewhere and was wondering if there was any truth in it.


 If a man took estrogen what would happen to him?
Just wondering.....

 My 10 yr. old daughter has a temperature of 103.6?
We called the hospital, and they said if it reaches 106.0 to bring her in. I think this is kind of high for an emergency room visit. Wouldn't this start boiling her brain, or doing damage to ...

 Do you use an alarm clock to waken you in the mornings?

 Whats the best thing to eat when you've had the squits?
i want cheese and rivita wife said that aint good
Additional Details
and i dont like ...

 Tomorrow is my quit day, can you help?
3 weeks ago I decided to quit smoking, and November 3rd was the day I picked to quit. I am as prepared as I can possibly be. Have you quit successfully? Can you give me some tips that aren't ...

 Fake Sick Tips?
I have to fake sick and stay home from school tommorrow.
My parents won't let me stay home that easily, so I can't just say I have a headache or something.
They never take me to ...

 Whats wrong with me?
I had an operation on my breast on friday just to remove some lumps, it was day surgery. I was fine although in a little pain up till two days ago when i started getting really bad headaches and ...

 Free prescriptions why can i not get them?
i am on low pay of £137 per week .my wife does not work yet i still have to pay £42per two months for are prescrptions.my wife and i have mental problems and find it very difficult to pay for are ...

 Is there someone I should complain to about a bad nursing home?
My partner (who is almost 87 and very disabled through strokes) recently went into a nursing home for respite care. They sent him home with a massive bruise on his shin (I asked about this and "...

How many orgasms can a female vs male do in a 24 hour period. I know the answer but I am just checking!?


It all depends on the person.

Wise Old Witch
I would like to see that race!

My normal max is three. I've been with a woman whose normal max was 5, but she could probably push 8.
If I tried to force it, maybe I could push 5 but I'd be hurtin'!

frog lover
every male and female are different so how can you possibly know how many, there is no exact number.

Jiveel White

well as others said you can not know the answer for everyone is different and most girls or woman have never had a orgasms when they *** they think thats it but once they do have the big O when your body starts to tingle from the toes and works it way up your body then they can give you a answer as for myself in 24 hours I could have 24 or more but the man will have less for it takes them longer to regenerate

I dont know a guy can prob due like 5 if he is hella horny, and a girl mostlikley more.

I dont know what the "correct" answer is but I average 3 or 4 to his one. My record was 7 in one session.

There is no ONE answser to that question. Everybody is different and there is no set amount. So I guess the answer is "As many as you want, or can produce"

Smiley Girl
from my own experience, I could not tell you...I've had so many in a 24 hour period that I've lost count.

As for a guy, in my experience it was 5....but that was an afternoon/evening. Not a morning or overnight thing. So it could be more.

I think a lot has to do about your age and the actual person. I honestly don't think you can generalize this. Although I am very curious as to what you think is the correct answer.

You know the answer?! Man... you must be sore as hell!

I think females outnumber males by 3-4 times, b/c of the neat multiple orgasm thingy they have. So I'd say, females can have 8-12 orgasms per day.

Unless you're actually going for a title, because the male orgasm record was recently broken, with 37 orgasms in 24 hours. I'm not sure what the female record is.

Unfrozen Caveman
no you dont

first off why ask if you know the answer, secondly, i dont care how many times you can moan and go to the moon in pleasure, i would like to see a female wanting the guy to get his pleasure and be willing to not put up a big thing if the guy wants to prolong the climax

You know the answer? How could you possible have ONE answer for that?

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