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louisa xx
How long until I can call myself a non-smoker?
I quit 5 days ago after 6 and a half years of smoking 20-a-day. I've gone completely cold-turkey and to be honest its so much easier than I thought...so far!! If i continue to go without, how long do you think it will be before i can call myself a 'non-smoker'. thanks!

Joe B
after 5 years

Probably about 5 or 6 months. It shows you REALLY want to improve. Also, once that HORRIBLE scent is out of your clothes

Nicole J. M.
around a year

Super Me
You will never be a non-smoker.

You will always be an ex-smoker.

Good that you have stopped.

ahhhhhhhhh. screw it
Personally I would say 6 months.

for insurance purposes a full year is neccessary to call yourself a non smoker.
as a non smoker, I would say you can say it when you stop because every day you are choosing afresh to be a non smoker.
once you don't crave it much or think about it much, then you really are a non smoker, but it's much like any other addiction, just one could set you off again, so you shouldn't ever think you have won.
All you can do, is just keep deciding you are not going to do it anymore.
day by day you'll notice more benefits of quitting, and it'll get easier to stay off them.
you should feel proud of yourself!
If you do relapse, just never quit quitting. I tried on and off for 6 yrs before I succeeded. It's been over 5 yrs now, and I feel safer that I won't relapse now, as the longest I had previously managed was 9 months.
But it is so addictive, so I know it would only take one.... so I just won't ever buy any again, and I just can't throw away 5yrs progress now!
good luck!!!

49 day and counting for me...I quit on Chantix which is a miracle drug.
I think we all have to take one day at a time and pray we don't start smoking again..so I always say " and counting " when people ask how long I have quit for. Good luck to you. ♥

andrew c
when you can get health insurance as a none smoker THEN you will be classed as a non-smoker

At 20 a day, I suspect that you were pretty heavily addicted. I have yet to beat the habit myself, but I think with nicotine addiction it is not unlike being a alcoholic. When I do finally quit, I suspect I will best think of my self as a "recovering smoker" rather than a non-smoker. Since it only takes one to fall easily back into the habit. Congrats for your success so far.

Good job! I smoked my last cigarette last Tuesday! (I'm using Chantix.)

I've been a smoker for 17 years. I quit for a couple of years a long time ago. And just a cpl years ago I quit for a month. This time is different though. I truly think I can stick with it this time. I have NO desire whatsoever to go back (unlike last time). So, I've been wondering this same exact question myself. I kind of think of myself as a "recovering smoker" (not to make light of recovering alcoholics) because I was SO addicted and it is such a struggle to quit. So, anyhow, BEST OF LUCK to you and I hope you stay strong in your resolve!

Your a non smoker as soon as you quit

gud job!!!!
u don't have to smoke for atleast a couple of month...
if you stop performing a certain act for at least 3 weeks....its said that you get into the habit then..
but for smoking..as its addictive..i think u prefer at least 2 months..

Nancy M
I quit 2 1/2 years ago and as soon as i quit i called myself a non smoker, it made me feel good to say it. Good Luck and well done.

Now.Be positive. When I gave up smoking I called myself a non smoker. If anybody offered me a ciggie I'd say I didn't smoke. That was 9 1/2 years ago. There have been times when I'd have killed for a smoke but I had the will power to wait for the urge to pass. Well done I hope you can stay a non smoker. Good luck.

I think you can say you're a non smoker now. Although for medical history you should always tell them that you were a smoker and how long you've been off. You never know what advert side effects this may cause in any kind of treatment.

You're a new non-smoker.

So, I say you can start calling yourself that right this moment as long as you don't take the habit back up!

Good for you!!

insane juggalo
it takes 21 days to stop any habit

the incredible force
till u can look at a cigarette and say no...not even gettin the urge to pick it up

Miss T
i'd say a month. Or if someone offers you a cigerette and you decline then you would be perfectly eligible to say you are a "nonsmoker" at any point.


Now! You have achieved your goal, and at the moment you are a non-smoker. Before you can call yourself a PERMENANT non-smoker, well I'd give it 3 months.

:) Lucy (:
When you don't smoke i would say..

WELL DONE !! so far so good you are a non smoker now
i think you are a true non smoker when you start moaning at the smokers about how they are killing themselves

Right now! That is if you continue to not smoke and quitting smoking is a wise choice. THUMBS UP.

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