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How long does it take you to go through a bottle of shampoo?

3 weeks

It depends on the size of the bottle and how concentrated the product is.

Lucky Ducky
A week or two, but depending on how much you use, it can vary a lot.
Lucky Ducky

It depends. If you are wanting to regulate the amount of shampoo you and your family use, buy one with a pump and tell everyone they can only use one pump for short hair (ABOVE shoulder length) and 2 if they have longer hair (below the shoulders). When you run out, save the pump and you can use it in any shampoo bottle. If you want to save more money, remember this tip. most shampoos have the same detergent, just different smells so buy the cheapest one you like. What makes your hair feel better and more managable is the conditioner you use. You can also use pumps on the conditioner bottles.

I was wondering that the other day, cuz it took my baby 9 months of daily baths to go through a big bottle of baby shampoo but since her hair is now getting longer I have to start using a little more. I think it takes me around 3 weeks to finish a bottle of shampoo.

A couple of years .... I'm bald (almost)

It depends on the size of the bottle.

Christina H
depends on how big the bottle is....maybe a couple months

erm, about a month and a half...

Broken Soul (M.O.S) [mcrmy]
About a month, even though i wash my hair 3 times aweek!

Like 3 weeks. Its takes me 2 weeks for the condit,.

2 people, one month, everyday. Most the good stuff out now-a-days you only have to use between a dime size to a quarter size amount.

washing your hair is so overrated.

Depends on the size of the bottle but generally a month.

as long as it takes

a month

i guess that u spend a lot of shampoo till someone blame u about this. that's why u wanna know about how long the other people spend for shampoo.

for me 2-3 weeks.

like a month, I get big bottles of shampoo

Mishelle W
2.5 weeks for shampoo

Maybe a month or a little more... Guess it depends on how much hair you've got (mine is long).

2 weeks

taxed till i die,
two weeks ,unless i get thirsty then two minutes

jody n
about a week we have 4 heads to wash

Cat D
I have never been able to keep my kids out of my shampoo or other toiletres so I dont know how long it would take just me to get through a bottle.

I don't like the taste

3000 years!

Earth Queen
a month or two. I only use a little every day.

Josh S
About 6 months, I don't have as much hair as i did. LOL

boycott shampoo..demand the real poo!

usually about a month

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