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rashad w
How long does it take weed to clean out my system?
The first time i ever smoked, about a month ago... i smoked about 4 blunts in 2 weeks. i'm a lot overweight and i'm applying for a job. Do you think i'll be clean if they give a test?

no it takes 4 months

if youre overweight you wont get the job anyway lol

joking of course

id be very surprised if they tested you

but you should be ok if its over a month

Yep it's me
There is no simple answer to this question “How long does marijuana stay in your system?”.

The speed at which marijuana leaves your body depends both on the speed of your metabolism, as well as on the half life of THC. Unlike most other substances, the half-life of THC can vary quite a bit, depending on who is using it, when it’s used, and several other factors. For example, it’s estimated that THC can have a half life that ranges from 1-10 days. It’s almost impossible to find out what that half life is, which means that it is very difficult to use it to calculate how long it will take for all of the THC to leave your body.

Your metabolism and how much marijuana you smoked will also have an effect on the length of time that it will take you before you can test without testing positive for marijuana use. The half-life is only the length of time that it takes for you to lose half of the THC that is in your system. If you’ve smoked a lot of marijuana, then it will take you longer before the THC in your body drops back below the amount that is detectable by most drug tests.

For this reason, when you ask “How long does marijuana stay in your system?” you have to realize that it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to get a usable answer. The most common period of time is anywhere from 3-30 days, depending on your metabolism and the amount of marijuana that you’ve smoked. This is unfortunate, since it means that while most drug tests can only turn up evidence of other drugs if you’ve been taking the drug within a few days of the drug test, marijuana could still be detected in a urine test up to a month after the last time it is used.

Hair tests are even worse, since your body stores THC in the hair follicles. For this reason, the previous answers to “How long does marijuana stay in your system?” are only useful if you’re going to be forced to take a urine test. For the hair test, depending on the amount of hair that the company takes, it’s possible that marijuana could be detected up to three years after the last time that you smoke.

Rose D
well it takes about a month i've heard personally i don't know...

i heard that it stays in your system longer if your fat. but your probly ok. good luck.

garry c
you do it you tell us

Douglas D
It can take up to 45 days, but that is for the hard core smoker. What is fact is that THC is in plants and veggis like lettuce. Weed just seems to have most of it. IF your worried about a UA go to a Head shop ad buy fake piss; it is synthetic and comes w/ a heating pack.

Trina O
The safest bet is to wait 2-3 weeks and drink lots of water. Oh, and stop smoking pot! : )

depends on how much and how often you smoke! if its often.. about 1 month.. i would suggest using clean tea.. and they also have something else that works ok, its about $30-40 per bottle.. but forget the name... also back i know people that would dip there finger in bleach and then they would put it in the actual urine sample and the bleach would kill the trace of drugs.. but be careful cuz i know some places are will take a piece of your hair and that you cant take care of unless you shave your head.. it will show at the root if you have used within a certain period of time!

Oh, yeah your system will cleaned out now it's been a long time and if you still don't think it's going to be clean go to a tatoo place and they have these drinks that you drink before you go to the job interview and clears your system if you drink all of it but you have to wait an hour after you drink it trust me this will work because one time i was addicted to pain pills and i was going to my work to get tested because they thought i was on pain pills nad i drank that drink and it really helped they didn't see anything in my system! Can you believe that! We'll i think you should try it! good luck!

well...it depends on the person but it can be anywhere from few days to a month...but since u are a lot overweight...ur fatty tissues will hold onto it longer, but if its been about a month than i don;t think you have anything to worry about

Jeremiah M
The Day of your unrine test, 4-6 hours before:

Take creatine, vitamin b, and drink about 2-3 gallons of water the day of the test.

You can take just water but your urine will come up diluted. The vitamin B and the creatine are supplimental where as they hide the fact you flushed your system. good luck.

It can take up to 4 months to year for it to completely file out of your system. But, you can always use the popyseed excuse! :)

lauren k
i'd do what the guy above me says. drink a TON of water; it'll clean out for the most part. but i'm serious. drink like, a gallon a day, and if you're overweight, i'd especially drink a lot.

Big Head
its takes about 3 months. get the pee test.

THC contained in weed distributes well in your body and it metabolizes quite slow. Its half life is about 3days, so once you smoke weed the levels of THC go through 3 stages.Once you have smoked, THC is detectable for about 10 days after. Since it has been a month that you did so, it seems to me that you shouldn't worry about it.

Anthony C
The simple answer is no. Although body weight, amount inhaled, and quality of the substance are contributing factors, marjiuana has been found in urine samples as late as 90 days from the last date smoked. I suggest you go to your local health supplement store and get the cleansing kit. If you are not an active smoker, you should piss clean after using the kit.

I'm in a drug program and they test me all the time . This one time I smoked a lot of blunts for about 2 weeks just like you and a week later they tested me. It turned out to be negative, I was very surprise. But I'm 5'5 and 150 pounds so I don't know about you. But I also drunk lots of water and drunk lots of cranberry juice which helps clean out your system naturally.

Drink a lot of water and there's a good chance you'll pass.

Don`t smoke the weed! Stay clean it`s not detectable now.

2 more weeks you will pass.. It takes about 30 days, keep drinking plenty of clear fluids and green teas... Stay away from caffeine

It depends on how much you smoked and what your diet is. If you drink a lot of fluids, it will pass faster. But if it has been a month since you have, it should come out clean.

heard marijuana can stay from 2 days to 11 weeks in our system. Lots of Water is a great think if you are trying to flush the toxins out. Aloe Vera along with grapefruit, Liquid Chlorophyll or Chlorophyll Capsules are great cleansers.

I would avoid any other types of toxins found in processed foods, stop smoking, until the test is over.

The website below advertises a Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit. I have no idea if this is worth anything, the quality of the product, possible side effects. Also, I would be very cautious if I decided to go that route. good luck.

PS. Well, it looks like people who answered had already an idea regarding these miracle products. I guess you can scratch this option. stay with the water and the herbs recognized as great cleansers.

Walter W
Taking Niacin as directed and drinking at least one gallon of water a day until your test should do the trick. Also try to eat light and avoid other liquids like soda, coffee, and alcohol. Depending on what kind of test they administrate, you may want to shower twice a day along with washing your hair and trimming your nails. Long nails to some employers indicate a pot head. Whatever do, DON'T SMOKE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU GET THE JOB. If you have about $15 or $20, then you can go to Walgreen's and get a do it yourself take at home drug test kit.

take AZO to clean out your system. there is also some juice thing that cleans you out. Just something like that. & stop smoking!

For urine tests at can take about 5 weeks,
For blood I have heard about 6 months,
Saliva I have no idea,
Some say hair tests can go detect marijuana up to 2 years back.

Nope. It takes about 3 months for it to leave your system. That's for a urine test. If they test a hair follicle, that can test positive for 6 months.

You have a lot of issues you need to work on before you try to get a job. Besides, why should someone who is DUMB enough to do illegal drugs get a job that someone who has never been that dumb should get instead?

Jill knows best
Good luck with that!

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