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 All Because I Stop Smoking?
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How long does it take to stop wanting a cigarette after quitting?
Hi all...I quit smoking last month (March 9th to be exact). I have not smoked any since them. I had the help of Chantix (I STRONGLY recommend it, worked great for me!). But, at what point do you stop wanting that cigarette? I'm NOT talking about the niccotiene...that's already gone. I'm talking about the psychological aspects:

They were my "friend," there when I needed it most.
Something to do with my hands.
Social aspect of wanting one (on the phone, talking to others, etc.)
Wanting one after dinner.

Also, the wanting one because I used to SO enjoy the feeling of the smoke going into my lungs....

Please, no non-smokers that have never smoked. If you have never smoked a cigarette, you have NO IDEA how to answer this question.

Additional Details
EDIT: Just an FYI, I smoked for 13 years, quit twice during both pregnancies, but started up again within a month of coming home with my baby both times.

I H-A-T-E the smell of cigarettes...my husband still smokes, and although many of you will say it's not fair that he does, it actually helps me because it reminds me of the nastiness of smoking...the bad smells, etc.

You will never stop craving a cigarette. It's called addiction.

Never you'll always get urges. During stress or around other smokers. It never stops

Emmanuel M
the minute you get the longing to smoke


I quit smoking about 20 years ago. If I remember correctly, it was about 3 to 6 months. One day I was walking along a street and a guy walked by smoking. I took a whiff of that thing and man it smelled nasty!! I will never forget that day because ever since then I have felt the same way. I think its actually worse today because I dont go to smoky places like a bar but very seldom because I dont like the smell or the smell it leaves in my clothes. Good Luck!! No matter what...just take it one day at a time. Before you know it, a year will pass!

You still smoking in your mind. You needto fill that hole with something else. Jesus did it for me. An sport, hobby, group, club activity work for you as well

Been there, done that
Congrats on quitting. Good for you. Sad news, you never really "lose" that psychological urge for one. The key is managing the times that trigger that urge (and hopefully do something other than eat). I still have the urges, out of the blue (and especially when stressed), I just have to remind myself all the reasons I quit.

it good take a very long time! it depends on how long u were smoking.

Jacey M
Gee, I don't know but here's some suggestions to get your attention off the cigarette:

1. Chew gum and mints often.
2. Find new hobbies
3. Don't give up!

Love My Kids
It does take a long time. One of my friends quit almost two years ago and she still craves one every once in a while. Have you tried chewing gum or playing with a rubberband or paperclip to keep your hands and (not to sound dirty) your mouth busy? That is something that helped me stop while I was pregnant. I always had a piece of gum in my mouth and was always fiddling with something to keep my hands busy. Good luck with your quitting...it's something all us smokers should do, especially ones like me with small children!

i quit a year ago and i still want one on a daily basis. i just keep refusing to give in to the urge. mind over matter. good luck with this.

THAT my dear is where WILL POWER kicks in. It took 10 days to get the nicotine out of your system. Your physical addiction is cured.

You are nowhere out of the woods yet. Your habit is still engrained. What you have to do is pick up some new, healthier habits. Make sure your new habit does NOT include eating junk food continuously :) Its easy to gain 50 pounds after quitting.

The toughest part will be if you go out for a drink. Make sure if you do have a slip that you consider it a stupid thing you did when you were drunk....FIGHT and I do mean FIGHT that urger to light up again when you ar sober!!!!!! Once you do...you will be right back into it again.

If you have a slip....remember what I said. Its a slip...you still quit. Take the slip for what it is....and fight fight fight......

You really still have a few months to go. But the good news is...one day soon...you will say...OH geez, I didn't even THINK about a cigarette for a week...then a month.......

Forget about LOVING the feeling of smoke going into your lungs. With each puff, your best friend tobacco, was stabbing you in the back. She is One backstabbing *****!!!!

In a little while, you will notice that people who smoke STINK...I mean physically REEK!!!!! You will wonder how you walked around smelling so disgusting.

Don't think you can fool yourself into thinking you can handle the occasional smoke!!!!!!!

I smoked for about 20 years. 150,000 cigarettes...a pack to and a pack a half a day....a total addict. At least 100 attempts to quit......have finally made it 7 years. I have had a couple of slips along the way when I was drunk......I NEVER NEVER did light up when I was sober.

I smoked for 10 years, almost a pack a day, and I quit 1 and a half years ago.

I still get cravings to smoke, although much less frequently, from time to time. After a good meal, some social situations, working on cars... the cravings I get now seem to be times that I would really just enjoy having a cigarette, as opposed to stress/habit.

*edit* wanted to add that I also dream about smoking sometimes.

I smoked for 5 years, and quit Jan 07. I still feel the urge to have the cigarette here and there; an oral fixation thing. First I decide why I want the cigarettes. If it's the oral fixation, I just grab a bag of baby carrots and amuse myself with those. Any other reason I can substitute with a little stroll through the neighborhood. It's exercise, and the clean air helps get my mind off cigarettes.

I used to smoke (Marlboros) and really enjoyed it. I started in high school,then stopped about a year after I got out. I don't remember how long it actually took for the desire to fully disappear, but check this out: a YEAR after quitting I finished a meal, paused, then put my hands up to my face as if I was lighting a cig with a match. But both hands were empty. It looked like I was miming!
It coulda' been funny if I didn't feel so dumb! OMG!

Congratulations on quitting. Unfortunately it may take a long time to not want to just do it out of habit. That craving too will get weaker with time. Keep up the good work.

about 6 months--still I like the smell, but no longer even think like a smoker...
you'll get there too....don't quit before the miracle happens
and IT WILL...one day you'll realize you didn't even think ONCE about smoking..then more days will be added until you are where I am...
good JOB!!!

It took a very long time to realize that I mistook relief (from the crave that nicotine created) for enjoyment..it's NOT ....

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