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How long does it take the lungs to clear after quitting smoking?
I quit smoking 23 days ago and I'm doing very well with it. Not to be gross, but there is still this nasty greyish junk coming up from my lungs when I cough. How long is that gonna last? And is this normal?
Additional Details
FYI - I smoked a half pack of Marlboro Lights per day for about 15 years (almost half my life!).

I was told even after one day the lungs start heaing..gets better day by day.Congratssssssssssssssss on quitting.However if u continue to cough up stuff see a doctor

rose bud
hon ask your doctor about your question the next time you have to go see him/her.

Just Dreamin'
I quit smoking 3 yrs. ago and I got a paper on it and to completely heal 3 yrs. or at least that's what the paper I recieved said..

fairly smart

Good Job!.....I am going to book mark this page....I want to know this too...

it takes exactly 7 years for your lungs to totally rebuild themselves after you quit smoking. And that is NOT a guarantee that you will not one day get lung cancer anyway.

'WTGGGGGGG Each person is different the lungs are just cleaning themselves out. Unless there's a lot of pain I wouldn't worry. Contact me if you want and I can send you a diet plan that will help even more heal the body.

Hermione J.Potter
it will clear off.but were u a heavy smoker?chain?better c doc if it persists.

nas88caror 300
deepending how long and how much you smoked it could take anywhere form 6 moths to a couple of years

jeffrey k
Its normal and it will last for weeks. Your body was producing it to protect from the damage. Congrats and try to stop counting the days,it will just make it harder. Just remember the date and try to forget the whole thing.

good for you (stoppin smoking) and its prolly gonna last a while (the coughing up) it will stya in ur lungs for a long time

A BIG Congrats on quitting smoking. It depends on each individual on how long you cough will be like that. My husband and I quit last year and he coughed up for almost 3 months and myself just a few weeks. Each day will get better and you will feel better. Your lungs are trying to repair themselves. As well as the rest of your body.

it depends on how long you smoked, and what kind of cigarettes you smoked. I have heard it takes 1 month for 1 cigarette to be cleansed from the body. Coughing up crud is normal, it usually means you were smoking some hardcore cigs, like Marlboros or Camels, and that you were a multiple pack/day user. Dont worry, eventually it will get better, but most of the tar with stay with you for your lifetime. But quitting is ultimately the best thing to do, so good for you. Dont fall off the wagon. Take it one day at a time.


It will take time. But one day you will wake up and realize its all gone.

Think about how long you smoked, maybe one month for every year?? This isn't scientific, just a guess.

I never smoked enough to develop the GUNK stage.

Stay with it. The one thing I know with absolute certainty is that death from smoking related diseases is HORRIBLE. My Father smoked 68 years and died slowly for 6 or 8 years from Emphysema. By the time he died there was no oxygen to his brain because his lungs had basically solidified. He was blind, deaf and had no recognition of anyone by the time he died.

Stick with it, Your life is valuable.

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