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How long does it take for your lungs to heal after quitting smoking?

Seven years for every year that you smoked and some of the tar damage is permanent

you will always have some tarr stuff left in your lungs the amount depends on how long and how much you had smoked

JOHN jen
about 20 years for your lungs to be like a none smoker

Chris C
Um NO! your lungs will never FULLY heal

So far from my experiance......one year

After 8 hours your lungs are free from Carbon Monoxide, which is why you feel groggy in the morning. It takes about 24 hours for your lungs to start getting rid of all the other crap which is why you cough alot, from there it takes about 3 weeks to get rid of it. Depeneding on how long you've smoked it may take longer, but that is usually the length of time it takes.

depends how long you have been smoking

7 years. That's how long it takes for the body to completely refresh all of its cells. However, you will feel significant improvement in a much shorter time frame.

They say it takes 10 years for your body to go back to the same as a non- smoker.

It depends very much on your age and how much you smoked. If you are in your 20's,are fit,and didn't cause your body any other excessive damage, chances are you can get 100% health back. Otherwise, your lungs will still be impaired (proportional to how much you smoked etc.)but ultimatly in far better shape than if you hadn't quit. Plus there is lots of stuff you can do to get healthier lungs-eg, swimming, learning to play a wind instrument, yoga; basically anything that requires controlled breathing,this will help your lungs to work better.

Frank R
Has to do with how old you are and how long you smoked.

Benita L
I heard from somewhere that it is 3 year until they are as good as they where before

About five years to total and complete restoration

After 2 days of quitting your lungs are working better

A decade to get back to what they were before you started smoking.

I am 5 years in.

dean c
well i had a friend he quit smoking three days later he was dead.mind you he was hit by a bus.

while quitting smoking is always best for you the ramifications of smoking can last a lifetime.
sorry guys. MY mom had stopped for over 15yrs when she was diagnose in the summer of 2004 with lung cancer and the type of tumor that comes from smoking. the tumor was found not in her lungs but in her back. sadly she died Feb 3 2005. So even if your lungs heal the ramifications from smoking can last forever and come back to haunt you years later when you least expect it.

No your lungs will never heal.

20 minutes after stopping

it depends on how long youve been smoking.. if youve been smoking for a really really long time (20+) years.. they may never recover. 5-10 years of smoking can be reversed but im not sure how long.

After 20 minutes

Blood pressure returns to normal The temperature of your hand and feet return to normal as circulation increasesYour pulse rate slows back to normal
After 8 - 10 hours

Oxygen levels in your blood return to normal Carbon monoxide levels have halved
After 12 - 24 hours
The chance of a heart attack decreases

After 1 day
Carbon monoxide levels have returned to almost normal.

Coughing may increase as the lungs begin to clear themselves of fluid and solid waste.
After 2 days

The nicotine in the bloodstream is almost gone. The sensations of taste and smell will have dramatically improved. Damaged nerve endings begin to repair
After 3 days

The respiratory system starts to function more efficiently.

Oxygen is easier to obtain, thus increasing energy levels.

Breathing becomes easier as the bronchial tubes begin to ease
After 4 days

You may feel hungry, as your body has an increased ability to produce energy

After 1 week

Sleep patterns should return to normal
Over the coming weeks and months…

The respiratory system continues to improve, and lung function returnsCirculation continues to improveExercise becomes easier.

The lungs become better at cleaning themselves, thus reducing the risk of infection
After 1 year…

The risk of a heart attack is around 50% of that of a smoker.
After 5 – 10 years…

Risk of lung cancer falls gradually, eventually down to about 50% of that of a smoker.

Risk of mouth cancer reduces to half that of a smoker
After 10 – 15 years…

The risk of a heart attack falls to roughly the same as a lifelong non-smoker.

The risk of a stroke returns to that of a non-smoker

Depends on the legth of time and how much you smoked.

Bow Hunter
Your lungs never completely heal. I know a guy that hadn't smoked for 30 years and still got lung cancer that was attributed to smoking.

It really depends how long and how heavily you smoked to begin with. I f you smoked for instance twenty a day for ten years, then you will have puffed your way through about 70,000 cigarettes. Normally for the average person the safe amount of cigarettes you can smoke in a lifetime, without doing any permanent damage is about 100,000.
And the time taking to clear the poison from your system is about 1 year to every 10,000 cigarettes smoked.
So someone smoking 20 a day for ten years would require 7 years cigarette free to fully recover.
If you have smoked beyond the magic 100,000 mark there may be permanent damage. But stopping will still prevent the situation getting worse.

THE great answeroni
they dont HEAL,,,they just stop getting worse..exercise will help improve as much as it can...but healing lungs is kinda out of question

ben h
they wont heal not a chance the tar might go after time but your alveoli will be permantly damaged

i don't know about 'healing'. i don't think they ever completely heal, but i know it took at least a year for the physical symptoms of the lung damage to go away for me. (to have my chest no longer hurt when i physically exert myself and have to breathe hard)
i was a pack a day smoker for about 20 years. haven't touched them in about 8 years now. no longer have the desire for them anymore. if u r quitting keep in mind that it does get easier with time..

lindsay s
I heard they start after just a few days of quitting!! Good luck if you have.. that is awesome!

Up to ten years but reversability of damage caused by smoking goes down signifigantly after you are 50 years of age.

They start healing in about 12 hours

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