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How long does a knee replacement takes to heal?

the initial healing before the staples come out should be around 14 days. You could be sore for around 2 months, then you will have a burning sensation that is the knees nerves regenerating for up to a year or so after the operation. DO your Physical and Occupational therapy to speed up the process!!!

Well this depends on how much and fast who do your knee bends it's all about how much pain can you take. but if you don't get up and walking soon it's probley going to affect you for the rest of your life you will have a permenate limp. usally after a knee replacment operation most people are up and running around after 6 weeks tops.

six weeks up depending on ur age, health & if ur DR. didn't mess it up

several months

it takes about a month or so

For solutions about your question see "google". It is the fastest way to resolve it. You can digit the key word and wait the answer. Bye.

I look your question this way-If youve been to a Doctor and have your kneel replaced the same Doctor can tell you approximantely how long it will take.Also it depends on individual body system and other things that follows--like how faithful you are to your Medication which could include the prescribed medicine etc.Good luck my dear!


depends on what was wrong
my mom repleced her whole knee but was in the hospital for 7 wks because her other knee was stopping her from walking
my guess is a month to 4 months

To walk steadily without help and little or no pain will take about six months. Once you have acheaved this1st & most important step, continue recieving therapy treatment, as this will help you to regain full use of the limb. DO NOT RUSH IT!!!! If you do you risk blowing it out before you know it, then your back to sqare one, just like the 1st day it happened. Hope This Helps.

Joseph W
It's up to the individual and their mind set. If a person does everything properly, it won't take as long as some one that doesn't. It takes close to a year.

J. K
Atleast 6 months.

Domino's Mom
Depends on your body. usually 6 months. Hang in there

George K
About 1 year.

santosh n
that depends on the rest of taking patient and his resistence of the body and food and age also

Minimum of 12 weeks or 3 months. The healing is relatively fast...it is the Physical Therapy and other issues that take the time. You need to be able to walk again with a New Knee.

it varies

Fruit Cake Lady
It depends on how much pain you can deal with and how hard you work at it. If your lazy, it will take forever.

For most people, the big turning point is around 3 months. I usually observe a significant decrease in pain and an increase in engery. This is usually the point that a person is ready for discharge from physical therapy.

Pain and edema, however, can still occur between 6 months to a year. Function normally plateaus at the year mark.

depends on the person. 6 to 8 weeks you can be back to work, if you sill work.

a long time...so put off those dance lessons for awhile..

Feeling good in 5 week 2-3 months back to self

HK gal
I've read that it takes less than 1 year. It really depends on how the patient will respond and will do what the doctor says.

at least 6 months possibly longer, it all depends on if and how you use it while it is healing. If you put a bunch of weight on it before it is ready, then it will take longer because you have put an undue amount of stress on it. An operation like that one is a big event and so it is gonna take time. Be patient.

Find a doctor to give you a cartload of drugs because its gonna hurt like a son of a B. But, from watching my Dad six months is about accurate. That is if you dont kill yourself over the pain during the first 3 months...My overweight boss couldnt move for 3 mos when she had it done! So lay off the Cheetos for a month before

I guess it depends what kind of material they used to replace it and how bad it was injured before the sergery.

It took my dad about 1 yr to heal up and that was with phy therapy...

it took my nieces knee to heal six months or better

marc d
it will take about 5 months or so

i had a knee operation oct last year. I still have the swellin and only can bend it 90 degrees. I may get more movement or maybe not. Have to keep up with the exercises....

That would depend on many factors:
1. The age of the patient
2. How good a shape they are when the knee was replaced
3. How well they respond the physical therapy
To a person middle age person in good shape with no other serious ills the average time to heal would be 8-10 weeks on the outside.

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