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Freddy Botheringham
How long can I -- or humans in general -- go without showering?
Can a person last years without washing themself? What about brushing their teeth?

I've now gone for three days without showering. People tell me that I stink, but to me I just find showering and shaving quite bothersome. It is not like I'm playing in the mud and not showering. I'm just sitting about staring at the ceiling.

oh wow....now i understand that taking a shower may be annoying...but your going to have to...at lest every other day if not every day...if u dont want to shave then thats your perogative..but you rele do need to shower...and brushing your teeth is a must every day all the living bacteria in your mouth can grow and eat away at the enamel of your teeth making them wrot! lol its okay to be different and if your trying to make a statement try some new cologne...im sure that you will smell diff. but you will not smell horrid bc you dont shower lol

You could go as long as you want. But showering, does clean your body. Not showering, leaves sweat in contact, making you smell terrible.

You could go your whole life. You just would be very lonely because no one would want to be around you and your stank.

Even if you are just sitting and staring the ceiling, your body sweats. It evaporates off your body, but the smell lingers. Your body emits and odor and you need to wash the stank off of you body. Your friends and family will thank you.

I personally don't care how long you go without cleaning your body or hair, but do yourself a favor and take care of your teeth and gums. Get a Braun Oral-B (the cheap rechargeable one--about $20.) Use it for two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening (they come with a built-in timer.) Spend one to two minutes flossing each day and that's all it takes. Believe me, this simple, quick routine (along with at least once a year professional cleanings) will save you oodles and oodles of time spent in dentist's chairs and periodontists chairs and endodontists chairs having needles stuck in your palate and gums, getting fillings and root canals and crowns and implants, having gum surgery, etc. And it will also save you THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars. The alternative is a lot of very painful toothaches and tooth extractions, eventually resulting in your either having no teeth or having to get dentures. If that is the route you choose to take, just have a dentist pull your teeth now and you can at least avoid the toothaches.

Good luck and have a happy life.

Katy W
You never have to shower again if you don't want to! Sweat itself of course doesn't smell, it's stale sweat that smells, and the bacteria multiplies within it. Even if the smell didn't bother you or anyone else, if you don't keep yourself clean all sorts of weird and interesting things will grow on your body and you'll probably end up with some nice infections and lovely fungi and stuff like that. Oodles of fun. As far as your teeth are concerned, I know myself if I've been out one night, got in and flaked out without brushing my teeth, by the next morning they feel horrible. I also hate kissing my partner when he's not brushed his teeth, it makes me feel sick. And of course, you're more likely to need fillings, root canal, or lose your teeth all together!
So good luck with that.

You can go without showering for as long as you like theoretically if your body is being properly nourished with a good lifestyle as you skin has a self sloughing mechanism.

BUT the smell would be absolutely unbearable from the build of sebum &, fats from your apocrine & sebaceous glands, and dirt making a nice home on your body.

You can't go as long in theory without brushing your teeth as tooth decay & gum disease sets in very early without constant brushing preferably 2X a day and flossing once a day.

Word to the wise... YOU DO STINK! Even if you have a shower in the morning and apply good quality deoderant/anti-perspirant & cologne, by the next morning your body odours alone will over come anything you did the day before. Have a shower & brush your teeth! The people around you aren't joking... playing in the mud might even seal in some of the smell to be honest.... *scratches head*

... you're either depressed or smoking a lot of pot... or both. Get up and do stuff... exercise your mind and body and take people who care's advice...

I would be less concerned if you were just muddy but stinky?? ew the bacteria you must be growing on yourself... start enjoying the feeling of water on your skin again... start enjoying a lot of things out there...

Why don't you just shower its not going to kill, If you wanna get married a think you should shower.

Kimera S
You CAN go without showering as long as you can stand to be in the same room with yourself. In the middle ages people showered annually, relying on scented oils to do the job for them.

A good general rule to follow is to shower once every 2-3 days if you dont sweat heavily and daily if you do. For no other reasn than to rinse off the dried salt and minerals present in your sweat... never mind the fact that dried sweat does increase the amount of bacteria on your skin, and bacteria + dried sweat = BO which most modern people do NOT find pleasant to be around.

For may of the smae reasons... and the added fact that increased bacteria in the mouth leads to greater amounts of tooth decay (pain, tooth loss, loss of ability to enjoy solid food) it is considered best to wash your teeth 1-3x daily. (Depending on if you brush before bed and after waking, or after each meal.)

For me in 114 heat, twice a day!
Sounds like you are depressed and need help.

Yes, but as you sit there, your body is still sweating, and, after puberty, this sweat smells- hence BO.

If you stink, time to have a shower or become a hermit! It's just socially correct.

Martha Evans
People naturally have dust mites living on their body, which also poop, and the dust mite poop is what people get allergic to. The dust mites feed on dead skin cells, and that is a good reason to wash off the dead skin cells that your body is naturally shedding and replacing with healthy ones.

Also, there are other microscopic critters on your skin which feed on such things as dead skin, oils, and anything else they can find. Giving a warm, moist, area that has not been washed or disturbed will give germs and such things as yeast a prime opportunity to feed, breed, and multiply, contributing to odors, filth, and possible breaddown of healthy skin. When bacteria die, sometimes they can release harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Poor hygiene is a medical sign of mental illness. People who don't wash their private areas have more chance of developing such things as perirectal abscesses, which can be quite painful. If you cut yourself and haven't kept your skin clean, there is a higher risk of those germs on your skin entering the tissue or blood stream and possibly infecting your heart, brain, or kidneys, because not washing allows a much higher number of germs to stay on your skin and adhere to the rough dead skin cells stuck together with the oils you secrete and that the germs and dust mites are feeding on and breaking down.

As you said, people are complaining that you stink, so it is time to take a bath or shower and be both considerate to your family and friends and also to yourself. Bathing is a natural way to love yourself--care for the body God gave you.
If you don't like to bathe, please do it out of consideration for others.

They say it takes about 20 minutes for a cavity to start forming if you eat sugary things and don't brush your teeth. If you don't brush your teeth, you are increasing the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth that adhere to your teeth and gums. The germs feed on the food you eat (especially sugars) and the acid they produce causes tooth decay. Some germs also secrete such things as acids that dissolve tissue! Without brushing teeth, you will end up without teeth and also gum disease which is associated with heart disease and other infections in the body. Poor oral hygiene also increases your risk of oral cancers, which sometimes require such things as cutting out your cheek or tongue. Poor oral hygiene is also associated with a lot of pain in your mouth and tooth abscesses. It is important to get your teeth cleaned twice a year to get rid of some of the germs on your teeth and around your gums that the toothbrush can't.

Be loving to yourself and take care of your body. You will enjoy your life more if you do.

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