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How long are you supposed to fast before having blood work?

Annah P
I have my blood work done ALL the time (every 3 months) and I never fast at all. I don't think it makes that much difference, at least not for me.

24 hours
otherwise you will throw up after the blood work

Christina K
just a few hours

If it is fasting blood work then you are not suppose to eat anything after midnight.

As long as your doctor tells you to. Some blood work doesn't require fasting, some requires 12 hours or more. It depends what the tests are for.

Usually the doctor says no food after midnight, sometimes a little earlier

most of the time it's 8 hours. It depends on your DR. and what they are looking for! If it's Blood sugar 12 hours is best!

Depend on the type of bloodwork.

6 to 8 hours.

from the night before, dont eat breakfast

ginger lily
At least 8 hours. I try to have blood tests done first thing in the morning, around 8am - then I don't eat anything after 7pm the previous night. That way I know I am ok. I've just had a blood test done.

John Reid
At least eight hours.

If you mean eat then I it's eight hours, that's why people generatlly do it in the morning, but with water, it's okay to drink whenever. Best of restults on your bloodtest!!!!

It should tell you on your test lab slip. Usually it,s nothing to eat or drink after midnight.

Whatever kind of tests you're required to receive, should be indicated on the form with the kind of tests you're getting done. You should have been informed of this from your doctors office. Fasting varies depending on the kind of tests you need to get done.

depends on the test. I had to fast from midnight the other day, but I wasn't having blood work, but a scope.
My blood work two weeks before were for genetic reasons so I didn't have to fast.

at least 6 hours

HUH? Your leaving out alot of details. If your asking what the period of time is that you cannot eat or drink before a medical needed test, follow the directions given by your physician.

12 hours is premium

normally dont have anything to eat the night before or that day but check with a doctor

Meher Baba

at least 12 hrs usually

i had to fast for 12 hours

Big Kahuna
Depending on what it's for generally about 8 -12 hours is the preferred time. I hope the doctor tells you everything is fine.

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