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Susan B
How do you know if you have worms?
Well this is a bit embarrassing...but I think I have worms. But I am not sure. When I was little I would run around bare foot and my mom said that hook worms could easily enter my body from my feet. I also think I have worms since I can eat till I am bloated, basically about to burst and still not gain anything, I actually loose pounds! I am also under weight for my age and I have been trying so hard to gain pounds but I keep loosing a few and I am not even doing anything to loose pounds. Since I have been trying so hard to gain the weight I need, I try to eat allot I gained a few pounds but then lost them in one day! I have no idea what is going on, do I have worms? Or is it just my body? Please I need a answer.

My mom says there might be a way to find out if some one has worms. Or if I take this type of de- worming it would help...but what if I do not have worms and I take it. I know it isn't good on the body.. at least I think. How can you tell if you have worms? How can you find out if you have any?

u just do!

no you can't get worms my runningg bare foot if you could I would all day. Don't do any de -wroming your not a dog. give it time as far as gaining wieght they have drinks out their that will put the pounds on .

I had worms when I was little and there were actually tiny white worms in my poo so you could try looking when you go to the loo. I had to drink this yukky milkshake that cured the worms but it was prescribed by the docs so go to the docs first!

What country & climate do you live in? The hookworm is really very rare in the US and the Western world, it hasn't been a serious problem in the South since modern plumbing has replaced the outhouses and never was much of a problem in cooler climates. See source for more.

There are other parasites you may have picked up; the tapeworm spreads through undercooked meat (rare steak, undercooked burger), there are other types of worms that spread through ingestion, for example through pets and mostly in younger children who play in sandboxes & stick their dirty fingers in their mouth but if you suspect you have them for years maybe then who knows... Also in third-world countries parasites are more common, have you done any traveling?

Anyhow if you really suspect some kind of parasite, don't be embarrassed to see your doctor. Doctors see much worse things and it's nothing to be embarrassed about! You'll probably just have to bring in a stool sample, and with modern medicine most parasites are easy to get rid of; the icky pictures of starving children with masses of worms or severe anemia are generally neglected cases in places or times with little or no medical care.

try pooping and look in the toilet or when you poop and wipe yourself look on the tissue and by the way it could be a tapeworm

Pure Star
Worming tablets are available from any Chemist. If you think you may have worms then take the treatment. If you don't have worms it won't hurt you. If you want to gain pounds then you need to increase the amount of protein you eat and exercise to build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Eating excessive amounts in one sitting is not a healthy thing to do.

Go see the Dr. there has to be a test or something that will let you know for sure and there is medicine made for humans not dogs that you can take..

I think you should actually go see a doctor. This could be nothing or it could be serious. Good luck

it could be or could not- best bet is to go to the doctors and ask what they think b4 starting anything harmful.

Michele W
Just go see your family doctor. They can tell you right away whether or not you have worms. Treating it at home, without a physicians care is not what I would recommend. Worms can be fatal in some cases.

Just because you don't gain any weight doesn't really mean anything, many people just have higher metabolism. Normally with worms, you feel hungry all the time. Now had you said, I can eat til I'm gonna burst and I still feel hungry, that may be cause for concern. I understand what you're going through, we read about those hookworms in high school and I could have sworn I had them too. And you betterbelievee I didn't go outside without shoes on for about a year! It's not very common though, I don't think. BUT, if you are concerned about it, I'ddefinitelyy go straight to the doctors office. It is something that can be diagnosed and cured fairly easily. Good luck!

Sarah T
The only way to know for sure is take a stool sample to your doctor. I am not sure how old you are, but most likely you wouldn't be experiencing symptoms today from being barefoot when you were a child. Unless you still go outside barefoot. You can get worms in several different ways.

To me it sounds like you have a fast metabolism. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Be thankful! If you are wanting to gain some weight eat foods high in calories in fat. You don't necessarily have to eat bad fats, but things like peanut butter are full of good fat and lots a calories. Try eating a little ice cream before you go to bed.

You normally have worms if your butt is itchy.

No need to panic. You can buy over the counter worm medication. It is very safe (just check if it interacts with any medication you are currently taking).

If your weight is changing dramatically I would see your Doctor - this would not be caused by worms but could be a sign of something more serious.


only through open sores they might

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