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Vertigo Pulse
How do you get rid of somebodies ear ache using a paper rolled like a cone and lighting it on fire?

By causing the pain somewhere else

That is an old wive's remedy...its more dangerous than anything. Try an over the counter pain reliever for the pain, but check with the pharmacist to make sure you can take it if you have underlying health conditions or on meds.

angel to get
I have actually done this many times to remove wax, but I am not sure if it will take an earache away. Good Luck

Miss Brooke
Oh No! Don't do that, it scares me! Go to a drugstore tomorrow morning or tonight if it's severe and buy a earwax cleaning kit. It's sold OTC. An earache is so painful, I know. I hope they feel better. You can safely take up to 800mg of Ibruprofen to hold over till you get that kit. Good luck to you.

I've seen these used you buy them from health or natural food stores they're specially prepared to the best of my knowledge to burn and now burn you the smoke brings the ear wax up the canal and into the funnel. I wouldn't recommended trying to use a home made one.

bob t
sounds like it will work just fine

they forget about the ear, they are more concerned with the 3rd degree burn's on the side of their head

you dont i dont think your ear ache will go away by lighting a fire close to your ear

You don't use paper rolled like a cone and light it on fire. That'd just burn down the paper and probably your hands. You're probably thinking of early candles, which are cone shaped candles that are said to help with ear problems.

Ha ha ha ha Someone has been watching old reruns of the I LOVE LUCY SHOW.

Keyser Söze
Sounds wacky to me. It's called candling, I think. I'd suggest going to an ear surgeon before trying it out.

It really doesn't work!! If you light the cone without putting it in your ear, it looks just the same!! Try a earwax removal kit which is much more effective!

Do you plan on getting rid of the ear as well or the whole person altogether?
The flame will take out the ear. For the whole person you may need a bomb or a cannon ball. Hope this helps, please let us know how it went.

ear coning I seen them in Whole food stores it's suppose to losen wax build up in ears


Pure Star
Candling should only be done by a professional trained to do it. At the base of the ear their is a "soup" of bacteria if the technique is not done correctly and the bacteria is disturbed massive infection follows. What you describe above is not candling it is burning someone.

© 2007. Sammy Z.
this is an earwax removal technique. an excessive collection of earwax can cause an earache. i've never used this, so beyond recognizing what you've described, i can't really tell you much about it.

wikipedia calls this technique "ear candling." read the link for a description.

Mama Mia
Very Very Carefully, Or else the whole ear will go up in flames!

ear candling is fine. I've done it a bunch of times. Get a set that has instructions with it, and maybe ask someone working in the store for advice on if they are the right thing for what you have. they are usually used for getting the wax out, but they are used to treat ear aches and infections as well. if you don't feel comfortable doing it at home, you might be able to find an alternative heath practitioner in your area who does it.

you dont
use a cone shaped toiletpaper and sweet oil that should do the trick ok

warm it first but dont over do it just stick the bottle in some hot water out of the tap

ive used big tubes oatmeal boxes with a light pushed throughtthe other end and turn it on the heat keeps the wax from building up i sleept that way once burnd my ear maybe one but my earache i went to the emercgincy room as a kid
that was probrolbly the only time i did that we did eat oatmeal it is a thick cardboard canister use 60 or 40 wattts try to make it so it doesnt light the quaker tube onm fire try didderent wattges Becarefull

The smoke is said to go in the ear and since it is warm will soothe the ear ache

Ear cones, (or ear candles). They work well, but you gotta know how to use them properly!

You need to be trained to do that, I think. I wouldn't want someone to just do that to me without going thru training.

You don't. Candling is the term for this pluperfect example of nonsense. It simply does not provide any benefit whatsoever.

its easy cut a hole in a paper plate put the cone in it and then into the ear light it u might have to light it a few times and let the ashes fall on the plate until u get down how ever far u want i guess u know

the candles do not work for removing wax
you probably have an ear infection which causes the earache
you need antibiotics

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