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How do you get ear wax out of your ears without going to the doctor or using a Q-tip?

Jacqueline D
ear candles work wonders!!! you can get them at any health food store. I have used them many times and they are wonderful. ask the person working at the health food store how to use them. the directions are on them but it helps if you have someone explain it also

una ragazza siciliana
ummm.... try 2 clean them when ur taking a shower?? y wouldnt u wanna use q tips anyways?

Never put anything smaller than your elbo. haha
Never use Q tips in the ear, it shoves the wax to the back of the ear, making it more inpacted.
Go to the doctor or at a pharmacy ask for something that will remove the wax.

ear candels

MY son just went through this three days ago the doctor uses a mixture of water and peroxide pour it in your ear and let it stay there for 30 minutes and it will start bubbling and it will melt the wax out of your ear.

Go to your nearest drug store(pharmacy) and buy the ear cleansing kit.

^v^ aka Obama Biden Laden 08!
boiling water straight in the ear. Burn it all out.

there is a piece of paper that is rolled up and you stick it in your ear and you set it on fire and the heat will pull the wax out. I kow It sounds weird but it dose work. It is a Asian thing. I forgot what the paper is called. There is a name but I forgot what it is.

put olive oil down your ear. left ear, lie on your right side for 10 minutes then the other ear. it will loosen the wax in your ear but will need to be repeated every day for a couple of weeks or more before it will work. and it feels nice.

go to your local pharmacy, they have a liquid you can use to flush out your ears.

Your local drug store will carry ear wax removal kits. Try it and see if that will work for you.

There are drops you can buy from the pharmacy or, as it says in the link, you can use a couple drops of Olive Oil. Coconut oil is also extremely effective.

Get a set of drill bits. Use the largest size that is comfortable. Be sure to use a reversable drill motor in case the bit gets stuck.

You buy Q-tips from a store, and you do it yourself.

hot pepper
use a ear syringe with 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 water. Lean over the sink and squirt into your ear.

try holding a lighted match close to your ear canal.

bobby pin. (im hillbilly)

The kit has DEBROX in it which is baby oil and hydrogen peroxide mixed together. It comes with a bulb aspirator. I also have heard that the candling does in fact work. But then again different people have different kinds of wax. Dry crusty ones (my mom uses a bobby pin!!!!) or gooey waxy ones that make the q-tip fall apart(like my son so I put baby oil in his ears and then gently wipe it out w/qtip.

winona e
Have you tried ear candling??? Its worth a try.

Hydrogen Peroxide!

Gavin T
Get some Waxsol from your chemist. Use as directed.

Guaranteed cure: Get an ear bulb at the drug store.Make a bowel of hot soapy water and use a bar of Ivory soap and make the water very soapy. Lie on you side and squeeze the hot soapy water into your ear and let it set 10 minutes. Do the same with the other ear.
Repeat this twice a day for 3 days. Then on the 4th day, use a shower hose and warm water to flush out your ears. I did this when I was young and never needed it done again!

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