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 Who is awake right now?

How do i keep mosquitoes away?

Vodka and Tonic! Well I believe its the quinine in the Tonic that has been proven, but adding a huge slug of Vodka or Gin with it helps, if it doesnt work!

The Lone Gunman
You will find that after about 2 years, you get immune to the bites, you won't feel them and they won't swell up or itch.
If you need something, those blue zapper lights are good, and they don't poison the air.

Andrew D
To tell you the truth cigarette smoke seems to be the only thing that actually works. Ive lived in Northern Australia and backpacked in latin America. Ive tried DEET, wristbands, sprays, scented candles, lotions, potions and none seem to work.

Its a pity I gave up smoking.......

Away from your person or your house? If it's your person, try spraying yourself with OFF!,or something similar. You can keep them away from your front door by putting some Dawn dish soap in a small bowl or plate. Don't know why, but it works!

Citronella oil...and a shotgun

You can spray bug repellent around the house or there are some sprays that you can spray on yourself and they smell pleasant to you but not the mosquitoes so they will go away. Hope this helps. =)


I normally add drops of Eucalyptus oil to a light non scented carrier oil like grapeseed oil and rub it into my skin..This is an all natural form of Skin So Soft. *smiles

Good Luck

That 70's girl
Try Avon, Skinsosoft lotion. Also, it is good for fleas.

Mosquitoes become a nuisance when they enter homes. You can get rid of mosquitoes by using the pest control.
I found the information at http://www.pests.in

live in a country where they dont have them seems a sensible solution

Braicee Bee
bug repellent

Take brewers yeast tablets for at least 2 weeks before you go then the whole time you are away. I don't know why but this really works (it is for the same reason that marmite works but more effective and not smelly on your breath!).

If you have less than 2 weeks before you go Avon skinsosoft is a brilliant repellent and doesn't have the horrible smell and chemicals of traditional repellents.

It is easy sa A B C just flit the house twice in a day and u treated net to sleep.

Citonella candles and oil.

They also hate the blood of people who eat Marmite.

Humm, thats a difficult one. Unfortunatly if the little buggers like ya, their gonna get ya!

Best forms of defence? Run away!!

Actually, on a serious note, i think if you reduce the amount of smellies you wear, they wont bother you quite as much.

by using Lavender oil or citonella candles mossies hate Marmite!

hakuna matata
You can get ankle and wrist bracelets that are impregnated with Deet. These worked for my wife when we were in Kenya and do not smell and are okay to wear. They lasted for the whole month whilst we were there.

stop being so darn hot!

There is no better substitute than covering yourself up

Jorge S
You could disguise yourself as a giant spider!

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