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something crazy
How do i find out what blood type i am?
my parents dont know (they forgot), and i dont have any document that says what type i am. which document should i ask my grandparents for? i really dont want to find out the hard way (i hate thick needles)

most like ly ur irtch certifcate hud say kuz sum do or previous medical records so jus ask ur doctor but ifthey kant find anyway i feel u pain i hate needle too u may hav to take a blood test

doctors file,, or donate blood that way you kill 2 birds with one stone

oooo they had this on the today show!
oh and sorry, there will be some needles involved..

Trouble's Mama
The ONLY way to find out your blood type is to get tested. Both of my parents are A positive and my sister (full blooded sister) is not A positive. She's AB negative. Sorry.

go for a blood test. don,t affraid of needles.

blood test

Do a blood test Hasan. That's the only way. They will only pinch your finger to get a blood sample.

Go to a health center and ask them to type your blood. The other advice is perfect...it would be wonderful if you would donate a pint. That's the most wonderful way of finding out your blood type. But if you're too skittish, go to a health center and ask to get blood-typed. Ask them to use the smallest effective needle. When they are inserting the needle, imagine that you are in a hammock in the islands. I do this every time and it never hurts. I've given over 5 gallons of blood to the Red Cross and this is how I did it.

Soccer Tease
The only way to really tell is to have a blood test done. At some point you would have had one done, so you may be able to go talk to your former pediatrician and get their records on it.

you'll have to get your blood tested.

I just had to deal with this same issue. I thought my doctor would know what my blood type is, but she didn't. According to the information I received (after making numerous phone calls), there is a way to find out your blood type without having to give up any blood. I was told to contact the hospital where I was born, and they should have it on record. I'm not sure if there is any cost involved in getting the answer though.
I would try calling the hospital where you were born first, and if they can't help you check with your doctor. If all else fails, you will have to give up some blood to find out the answer.

The only way to find out your blood type is to have a blood draw done and have it typed. Even though both of your parents may be a certain blood type, that does not necessarily mean that will be your blood type--same goes for grandparents also. In addition to the type--A, O, AB, etc., you need to be typed to see if you are positive or negative. Some county health departments do this for a minimal fee.

Better go to the doctor and he will do blood grouping and you shall be knowing to which type of blood group you belong.

just ask your pediatrician, they know even if they never told you!

The best way & probaly the only way is to give blood. The blood bank will tell you what you are. Sometimes, what your parents/grandparents are - aren't always the same type you will be.

yes either donate blood and you'll find out or ask your doctor. They probably know already.

Go to the doctor and I believe they charge you a fee to find out what's on your chart

your parents or grandparents cant tell you, a blood test will.

I ‚ô• Colbert
My parents forgot too, but if you give blood they will tell you.

this may sound really stupid but i am i blood donor..i donate whenever i can..aannnd i got this card for american red cross and on it it tells you how many time you gave blood b4 and what your blood type is..i cant really say there are other alternatives then gettin blood drawn from a doctor or nurse...hope this helps dont worry the needles are not that bad

Yoda's Tattoo
Well, you'll need a blood test - pure and simple. Go donate blood and they'll send you a donor card with your blood type on it.

Just ask your usual doctor, they probably have taken your blood and tested it at some point.
If not ask the hosptial where you were born. Most of them have to keep medical records for a long time, and you have every right to see your own. Just so you know, some hospitals ask you to pay a fee to have your medical records printed and mailed to you.

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