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How do I treat an ear infection? What can I put in my ears that is not an rx? Relief for day & night to sleep.

Go to the ER or lay on the heating pad or you can put salt in a sock and lay on it.

put a couple drops of sweet oil in your ear and a cotton ball to keep it in...u can get it at pharmacys and some grocery stores, possibly walmart

if it doesnt go away in a few days, go to the doctor
eardrums can burst and you can go deaf if ur not careful

You really could get relief and a reason for it by seeing a DOCTOR! You never know what that basic reason for the infection is otherwise.

good luck

Heather I
They have an over the counter medicine at walmart pharmacy that is suppose to relieve the pain of an ear infection my mom used it once and said it worked. Good luck.

Believe it or not, many people wear by garlic oil in the ear. You buy a garlic capsule and put a pin hole in it. I swear people say its a natural antibiotic.

If your ear infection is bad enough that it feels like your ear is completely plugged, I suggest you consider antibiotics. I had an ear drum burst and then the pain has just begun.

I had a bad earache some time ago and had no time to see a doctor, my grandmother told me to warm up some olive oil (warm not hot) dip a piece of cotton wool in it and put it in my ear, i was desperate and followed her advice, it worked. Sometimes these old wives remedies do.

heat up some olive oil, dip a cotton ball in it, cool it off and shove it your ear. It works

I use to have bad ear infection that never seemed to clear up. And forget me getting near wet or water, I would be really bad for days...

Then my ear Dr. (or rather the RN) put in this purple power medicine. It was only to be in there for six weeks but actually stays longer. I have not had one ear ache at all. I also can take a bath without the dread of water!

there are homeopathic meds. at the pharmacy/drugstore. they do work. the mineral oil treatment is for wax build-up.you said it was an infection here's what you do use the above mentioned homeopathic medicine take a pain reliever Tylenol or Ibuprofen then apply Vick's vapor-rub to the surrounding ear area,behind your ear, also where your ear comes off your face. use a dry clean washcloth folded into a square, cover your ear and lie down. try not to create a suction.lie on back or opposite ear side. repeat as needed. also there is one more remedy at holistic type stores. it is ear candling .it provides immediate relief. feel better!

Eucalyptus oil...available at a health food/organic store such as whole foods.

BTW, did you hear the recent study that about 50% of ear infections clear up without antibiotics and they are actually encouraging doctors to use more discretion when prescribing something for an ear infection?

you need to go to the doctor and get an antibiotic. i had an ear infection this summer and i went a week having it without getting treated and i almost lost my hearing because it became so serious. the swelling became so intense i didn't have a hole in my ear any longer, it just closed up. the pain was unlike anything i could explain. don't wait and chance it getting serious. i had partial hearing loss for months.

a very old remedy that is still used in some regions, your own urine.[ it has to be yours,] your personal urine is sterile to you,just to you. pee in a cup or something and use a teaspoon or something and put about a teaspoon amount in your ear,while holding your earlobe and slightly pulling up to open the ear canal.

Heated sweet oil, put the bottle of oil in hot water then put a few drops and put some cotton balls in your ear to keep the wind off your eardrum.

Sister Hobo
I'd just go get a prescription to make sure it doesn't spread to other areas of my head.

Empress ~of~Roam
Dr. Oz was on Oprah's show Monday and he said mineral oil will naturally melt your ear wax. Just put in a few drops, hold your head still for a few minutes then turn it so the oil/wax will drain out. If you are feeling dizzy, go get some antibiotics because its in the inner ear. Hearing is not something to be fooled around with.
Good luck!

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