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ok I woke up at 1:30 today because last night i went to sleep at 3:00 am and i woke up late I have to sleep at 10 tonight because i have school tomorrow Does anyone know what i can do to make myself tired or fall asleep without taking any kind of pill because my parents don't let me take any kind of pills?

warm milk :)

or do a couple of sit-ups, run in place.. make yourself tired

Chamomile tea and a hot bath

how bout liquid NyQuil?

A. H.
healthiest way is to work out and sweat. then u'll be tired and fall asleep very quickly.

‚ô•Amber is a New Momma
hot bath, warm milk with honey + read a book.

maybe do an exercise routine to get yourself really tired, drink some milk, relaxing music? or you might just have a bad day tomorrow. but i promise you will pass out tomorrow night!

Start reading a boring book or play soft music or watch a really dumb movie. These things work for me.

Well, for one, don't drink caffeine (that includes tea). First do some excersize or anything that will burn energy (basically anything that includes moving around a lot). When you start feeling tired, have something to drink, but nothing that is full of sugar. When you go to bed, try reading a book instead of watching TV because any sort of stimulus will keep you awake or keep you from sleeping properly.

I do deep breathing exercises and they work well for me. It's simple just clear your mind, sit calmly, close your eyes, and breath in slowly and deeply through your nose, hold for a second, then exhale slowly from your mouth. Just doing this for a few breaths is really helpful. Even better if you add meditaion music. Good luck and sweet dreams.

Go for long walk after supper.
Take a long hot soak in tub with lavender scents 90 min beofre bedtime

angela d
You don't want to get started on pills anyway. You can get a dependency for them and then have real problems. What was your activity today. Did you Run, Exercise, or anything like that. Or did you watch TV or play video games all day,and night. This will just keep your mind working all night thinking of the next level of your game, or next show you want to watch. But if you went out and worked out your body, you will be so tired by 10:00 that your brain will shut down to allow your body time to rest. Try it you might like it. I know you can't give up all of your TV time, But just taking an Hour or Two won't hurt and you will sleep better at night. Have a great day at School and don't let the bullies pick on you. See ya!!

try listening to soft music or reading a boring book.
good luck :]

dont drink coffee, or coke.

take some nyquill

i would relax and drink so broth that really hot and read a book or something but the broth really help!!

I Believe in Love
warm milk and relaxing music

lay down on your bed or where ever and start day dreaming!

i run around up and down stairs all over my house. do crunches and pushups. it wears you out and it builds ur bod. ya ya!

Go for a run, have a hot bath, read a lot (make your eyes tired), eat a big hot meal... THat's all i can come up with at the moment, they're some things that make me feel sleepy anyway.

AHH im in the exact same situation as you, i hate school, when i cant go to sleep first off i shuffle around in my bed and just throw myself around like crazy, kind of like having a fit. Thatll get rid of any excess energy and it will help you settle into your matress. If that doesnt work, i try to clear my head and picture a pretty waterfall or a beach because water always calms me down. But do whatever is comfortable for you. After clearing my head i relax every part of my body starting with my feet moving upward. do it very slowly so that by the time you reach you head youll have dozed off. just dont panic about not falling asleep, itll come eventually. pills are not good for people our age and can cause neurological problems and dependency when we finally become adults. good luck :D

sleep tight ;) ZZZZZZ.........

have a really hot sower and then lay on bed with your towels... and try to sleeping with the songs of the water or rain...

drink some hot tea take a bath with some lavender dont wach tv or be on pc

La morte è bella
Make some chamomile tea- or something soothing. Read before bed something boring, don't listen to music or anything distracting that keeps your brain running. Exercise a little before bed to tire your body, so you can relax. If you don't have any chamomile tea, make some mint tea, or some warm hot water, with lemon and a little honey.

Also, when your lying in bed, relax your body. Start relaxing your toes, and little by little try relaxing everything else in your body- Up. By the time you are at your hips you will be fast asleep. Also focus on your breathing, take deep breaths. Think about something happy or nice and get yourself comfortable!!

I hope this helps!! <3 Have a good night and good luck

some other guy
Close your eyes.
breath slowly and deeply.
concentrate on seeing a completely blank "screen".
When you "see" total black, concentrate on putting one small white dot in the middle of it.
It takes practice but just concentrate until you can do it.
It's a form of self hypnosis. you'd be surprised how quickly and how well it works.

I read a reallly boring book. This works for me =]

no caffeine

Go to bed at a regular bedtime.....the same for school or no school.

You will not get tired until about 16 hours after you wake up.

If you wake up at 7AM, you will feel tire to go to bed by 11PM.

Do the math. So tomorrow you will suffer because you have to get up early. Maybe then you will learn to go to bed the night before school no later than 10 or 11PM. Ya gotta pay the price, sis. Learn for next weekend

Nothing you can do except take a long hot bath, drink some warm milk, play some soothing music and cross your fingers.
Reading a really dull book in bed helps a lot of folks. Counting your blessings helps others.

Good luck
I am an RN

Lavender. Go to a drug store and buy some. Put it by your bed and you will fall alseep faster.

Cj murtza

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