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How bad is forcing yourself to throw up once in a while?
say.. about everday for a month last year, and about ... 3 times this year? how much damage would have been done really?

Kali g
well to tell u the truth u not suppose to make ur self throw up because the acid damages your stomach lining and ur stomach may hurt for days so ur stomach may b damage

that month prolly messed up sumthin so i wouldnt do it and it really doesnt help you lose weight like anorexia it mkes u gain faster when you eat

Why eat the food if you're gonna make yourself anyway?

The bile from your stomach (pH=2) can give your throat an acid burn and wear the enamel off your teeth. Really NOT GOOD!!!

☮Peace please (:
i think about it sometimes,, but then i say,, okay i dont want the ennamel to ware off of my teeth, and i dont want my fingernails to be yellow, and i dont want my mouth to taste like crap,, so i say eat as much as u can excersize lol,, but i dnt do that lol,, but anyways...umm u need to have self controll cua throwing up isnt the way out and also its not attractive

It can damage your esophagus and eat the enamel from your teeth

Beauty I
i dunno but im guessing the reason its so bad is because once you do it too often you cant stop. but i suppose if you still eat and digest the nutritious food it cant be that bad.

jake d
a lot of things can happen when you do that i actually started throwing up bllod and had to go to the hospital cause blood was flowing out my mouth

Beth L
Sounds like your on ur way to an eating disorder. Keep it up and you will officially be called BULEMIC. FYI being bulemic will kill you. It ruins ur stomach and digestive system and your teeth will rot.

Um bad, unless you swallowed poison. .....and not all poisons.

If you want to be that skinny just exercise instead of puking.

It will eventually progress

PS - This is my neighbours audition tape (AUS TV show having national casting call). Watch, comment and rate it please! Tell me if you think I'll get through to the next round.

You'd be better off working out.

Astraal Lux
Well forcing yourself to throw up is wayyy bad for you. Your hurting you entire digestive system. Plus messing with your esophagus. I would just stop and let it heal.

why would you do that its stupid

Greg P
It's very bad for your physical and mental health. There are hospitals to treat eating disorders, you know?

How dare you!

Really? A lot! What comes up when you make yourself vomit is stomach acid (in addition to everything else that's in your stomach at the time). This acid eats away the lining of your throat/mouth, sinuses, and the enamel of your teeth. Having the lining of your throat/mouth/sinuses eaten away makes way for cancer to grow. Having the enamel of your teeth eaten away makes your teeth fall out. People who make themselves vomit have a medical condition that needs to be addressed by a medical professional.

Well just have some one take a picture of you when doing it I think you mite get a different picture of you're self and see the damage that its already doing to you.
Sweetie any thing that you start to do and you think it mite be helping you becomes a habit and then you mite not be able to stop, stop now way you still can.
First it's one time then 2 ,3 and so on before you know it you're trying to get out from doing it yet you can't. It's hurting you already because you think some times is ok and it's not step back get in touch with you're self.

alec l
it's not that bad you'll just lose weight.

new york
well not that much but if you keep on taking it lightly they it might slowly increase and it time you could have a serious problem and it will be difficult to get out of it

and if it has to do with dieting and how much u eat or whatever when you mess up just do a little exercise its better it in the long run then making your self throw up and much healthier

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