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Help!! I have really bad heartburn, what could be the reasons 4 me havin this? And wot works best 4 it?

I get it to. Some food cause it, I notice if I eat fried, frozen food I get heartburn. They have some over the counter stuff you can take but if its really bad than you should go to the doctor's and they might suggest a diet and certain food to avoid and medicines.

michelle t
This could be a number of medical reasons for this. First question are you or could you be pregnat? If this only occurs after eating it is most likley the food you ate. Take som tums or rolaids. These are actly good for you they have lots of calicum in them. But if this continues to happen you need to see a dr it could be acid reflux, hiatal hernia, etc. causing thes symptoms. Try to pay attention if it happens after a spicy foood or after eating at all, if not see you dr. Most preg. women experience heartburn also. Just a suggestion lol

taffia's other half
Heartburn is usually caused by your diet, but if it continues you need to speak to your GP in case there's a underlying reason .
I find drinking peppermint tea good

michelle a
Go to chemist and ask them for advice.

A lot of time heartburn is from diet. Try not to lay down right after eating, and avoid spicy foods, carbonation, and dairy products. That worked best for me. Plus take OTC Prilosec, that seems to help. If it's really bad, you should see a doctor.

Dr Frank
if your heartburn is chronic you should see your GP and get an ulcer bug test, either blood or ' breath test' can be used. If positive, which means you are affected by helicobacter pylorii, then a cure is possible. Ulcer disease was thought to be lifestyle related when I was a student, however we now know 85% of it is due to this infection.

The other common cause is GORD = gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. This has steadily increased as it is often lifestyle related. It increases with increasing weight. Weight loss, taking small frequent meals, not eating late and elevating the head end of the bed are non-pharmacological ways of reducing symptoms. antacids and Gavisccon/Peptac ( both seaweed and chalk mixtures) help the symptoms but often need to be taken frequently. Acid lowering drugs like H2 blockers ( cimetidine + ranitadine) or PPIs ( omeprazole) are longer acting. They are all now available over the counter. On the down side the doses you can buy are smaller than those prescribed and if they are needed chronically are much cheaper via a prescription.

Overall many patients do avoid their GP and do buy OTC medication for heartburn, overall however there are distinct advantages in a consultation.

I've heard apple cider vinegar really helps your stomach out. If you drink it before eating, your stomach realizes it has enough acid and doesn't make so much of its own.

Don't want to be rude, but could you be pregnant ?

Anton P
Gavascon liquid from your drug store is great.

Tufty Porcupine
Some antacid tablets should clear it up.
If you don't usually get it it could just be down to alcohol (white wine always does for me!), spicy food, too much coffee, eating too quickly.
I get it all the time though. I've been told it could be a hernia or even a sign of an ulcer! So, if you get it frequently it's best to see a doctor. I'm not going to go yet though - I don't want them to stick that camera thing down my throat!

You probably just have GERD(Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) this is the medical term for Heartburn.

When you eat the food goes into the esophagus and down to the stomach. But, before it goes into the stomach it goes past the LES(Lower Esophageal Sphinctor) which is a little valve that opens to let food in and closes to keep it in and stops it from coming back up and entering the esophagus. Basically, anything that weakens the LES(Lower Esophageal Sphinctor) or the valve that keeps stomach contents from coming back up into the esophagus can cause that burning sensation that people call heartburn.

Lots of things can weaken the LES.
Spicy foods, fatty foods, acidic foods(tomotoes, pizza, oranges, orange juice etc..), caffeine-coffee and chocolate(it has caffeine in it). Limit these foods or pay attention after you eat them and determine what effects you the most and the avoid it!

Also, gravity helps keep food in your stomach. So, when you lay down you don't have gravity helping you. That is why you should always wait 2 hours before laying down after eating. You can also try using a wedge pillow or elevate the head of your bed at least 30-35 degrees.

Some over the counter medication is okay, but you probably want to see your doctor and get a prescription that can help you. Humans produce up to 2 Liters of stomach acid every day. Sometimes, you need prescription medication to help. They can also make sure nothing else is wrong. You could always have testing so the doc can look down into the esophagus to check for tissue damage. People with chronic GERD can have damage to the the esophagus and even some have something called barret's esophagitis. It is when the cell in the esophagus change abnormally. So, it is important to try and get your GERD under control so it doesn't cause long term problems. I noticed some people stated that you might be pregnant. This is because a lot of pregnant women complain of worsening GERD symptoms. Good Luck!!

A food allergy, alcohol, eatting to spicy of food, what eatting changes have you made since it started? what schedule changes or alteration to your routine?

Use liquid anti-acid, don't drink anything else for at least 30 minutes after you take it. If over the counter anti-acids do not help, and you can not identify a change in your eatting habits and times, then I suggest a trip to the doctor. Heart burn should not go un-treated for to long or it will be a life long problem.

Go to the Doctors, Sassy, it may be something like oesophagitus

Smoking is the worst thing followed by alcohol intake. I used to smoke and had really bad heartburn all the time, I would not leave the house without a bunch of antacids. I quit smoking and started taking (Nexium) I have not had heartburn for almost a year now. Apple cider vinegar before a meal is also very helpful however it must be raw, unfiltered.
Take 1 OZ with a glass of water 1/2 hour before a meal
Get off those antacids ASAP because they can cause all kinds of other problems.

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
Spicy foods,smoking,pregnancy,stomach ulcer,hiatus hernia to name but a few. Go to the chemist and ask for ranitadine/zantac or omeprazole. If it carries on for a few days though go and see your GP for a proper diagnosis.

barbara c
Change your diet.

Try peppermint cordial it's great for heart burn. It could of been something you ate acidic?

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