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Headaches, vomiting, nausea, dizzy..whats wrong with me???
2 weeks ago today i wke up SP sick with a headaches and vomiting. It hasnt got better. I went to the 5 days ago and they did a CT scan, blood work ..everything..found nothing. They gave mt Vicodin, and some anti-nausea pills. And a Z-Paxk (antibiotics) cause they thought i had some infection of some sort. I have a history of TMJ(a pretty complex thing as well) and wonder if its camse back. This is real hard for doctors to diagnose. Any ideas whats wrong with me?!?! It is driving me nuts :)
Additional Details
No they tested me for that it came back negative. I wish thats all it was!!!


go get a second opinion from another doctor. preferably someone who is a TMJ specialist. you must be feeling stressed out, that can trigger back TMJ


go to hypnotic therapy so you can see what got into you

Have you had a test for meningitis? Hospitals make mistakes all the time. If you have your own doctor, go to him/her, with all your test results and procedures.I had a
broken foot for a week and I finally got an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.
Also, one of your Bono answers was really ignorant. And this is to him. Everybody doesn't have millions of dollars, some of us have real jobs. Alot of us give extra donations at church, so stop trying to make a sick person feel guilty for the rest of the world. By the way, when is the last time you visited a veterans hospital and played bingo with a soldier who had no arms?

once i was like you,but i decided to come over it.and succeeded.just think to your recovery.you will get well soon.sure.

Jan G
Sounds like migraines to me. I've got one right now been in bed for 2 days. See a neurologist. :)

u r pregnant

i like blues answer, could it be?

You may have inner ear infection. If you have this kind of sickness, you need a lot of rest, relax, eat healthy food, so your body will cure by itself. You will feel better in a few weeks

It sounds like you have vertigo.

It sounds like an inner ear infection. Go to an EMT (ear, nose and throat) specialist. Are you wearing a night guard for TMJ?

The Archive
Sounds like you need to visit a neurologist, if they are not finding anything in the blood, or gastrointestinal than it might be something in the brain. Go see an neurologist and see if you can get a cat scan.

Pick a new doctor. I'm not being sarcastic. You are putting all your trust, and your life, in the hands of a stranger right? Pick another one.
I went through something like this for over a year. CT scan, etc.
I had a brain tumor. It took another Dr. another CT scan, and an MRI. First, I had to find a dr. who was actually interested. Don't give up!
I'm not saying you have a brain tumor, but its pretty obvious there is something wrong, you know it yourself. Go to another doctor. Please.

Vocal Prowess
Perhaps you have a too low blood pressure

If you're not pregnant, then you must be having trouble of sleeping? I think you should go to the doctor again and ask for more scanning..ask for blood testing..if you also lost your appetite, having problem with your stomach, feel restless, weak..you might be in jaundice or hepatitis A or B..

you could be having a bady, most doctor dont know until you are 3 months

what is tmj? anyways you could be overheating, from the hotness of the weather that would cause all those things, or you could be pregnant that would also cause all those things, or you could even be anemic, that would give you the headaches and the dizzyness but maybe its even a como of 2 or more things. doc's are pretty useless now a days if its not an easy fix they just say here take these it will make ya feel better. try and keep cool if you dont have air conditioning lounge at your public library during the hottest part of the day.

That sounds like symptoms of Vertigo.

In God We Trust
Choose a doctor who specializes in TMJ and tell him what your concerns are. I am not a medical doctor and don't want to steer you wrong. I wish you the best. Most of the people on this website are desirous of helping one another. Unless you find a specialist in your area of concern, especially medically, they sincerely can't help you. I wish you well. Remember this, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" - Romans 8:31. Peace and God Bless.

TMJ might account for the headache, but I have never suffered from nausea from it. Sounds like the doctors were thorough with the CT scan and blood work. Sounds like symptoms of a migraine, but it could be anything. Try keeping a log of your symptoms...are they happening at certain times? what did you eat? does it happen around your menstrual cycle? etc.... This an help narrow down if there are any triggers to your illness. Keep in close contact with your doctor, just because they can't seem to find the answer yet, doesn't mean that nothing is wrong. You know your body the best, and know when something isn't right.

drink a lot of water.

this probably won't work. Maybe you are stressed.

Are you pregnant? Or there are some viruses that dont have names that make you very sick and sometimes end up with amonia.

Go to a specialist doctor.


I think you need to go to a Doctor. Or hospital emergency room they can diagnose you quickly they will take blood and urine samples and check to see what you have, and give you the medication you need, or they will admit you for further testing . Or you can go to different Doctors and tell them of your symptoms don't take the first diagnosis. Good Luck!


did they test your blood glucose levels?
untreated, undiagnosed diabetes type 2 can have all those symptoms.
i know, because my hmo kept telling me there was 'nothing wrong'...all the symptoms did was get worse until i went into a coma...9 months after i began complaining of weakness, nausea, dizziness, retching, heart problems, blacking out...

Have you been check for viral or spinal meningitis (spelling*)

What about checking your ears? Maybe you have vertigo or something going on in your middle ear? I hope you feel better soon!

It could be an inner ear problem probably related to the TMJ that you said you had. I have had the same problem related to my neck due to Fibromyalgia.TMJ is also a related condition of Fibromyalgia but luckily I haven't suffered too much from it. I think the neck muscles interfered with the inner ear in my case. In your case I believe it's the jaw joint. I found this info when searching the symptoms of TMJ. Also, maybe it's migraines caused by the TMJ Syndrome. Migraines definately cause dizziness and nausea. I have been there as well. Hope this helps and you feel better soon. I know what you are going through.

The 10 Symptoms of TMJ Syndrome

Clicking & popping of the joint (TMJ).
Cause: Lack of cartilage at the rear hinge point.

Grinding sounds.
Cause: Irregular bone surface at rear hinge point.

Headaches and migraine headache.
Cause: Pressure of ball (condyle) of joint pushing on weak bone structure at rear of joint.

Cause: Lack of blood flow to brain when blood vessels are obstructed.

Ringing in the ears
Cause: Pressure on ear canal.

Excessive wear on teeth
Cause: Subconscious effort to eliminate misalignment of jaw joint (TMJ) by changing shape of teeth by grinding.

Severe pain all over head
Cause: Pinching of nerves by ball of jaw hinging at rear of socket (fossa).

Pain in neck
Cause: Unknown, however most TMJ suffers experience it.

Cause: pressure on ear canal.

Sensitivity to light

Cause: Unknown.

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