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Has anyone had a loud ringing in their ears just at they are about to fall asleep?
I think everyone has experienced the dream where you feel like you're falling, and then you twich and wake up. Well i have recently been having problems with sleeping. Instead of the normal twitch or two... i will literally kick uncontrollably. Sometimes i will just about to go into a deep sleep, adn i will feel like my head is pulsing or twitching, and i try to open my eyes, but i cant. and just this morning i experienced a loud ringing ( like the kind that comes on tv when the chanell goes out and the colorful screen comes on) and it sounds like its coming from inside my head. Are these normal symptoms when you've had an inconsistant amount of sleep, or should i see my doctor about this.. b/c it scares me!

Apple Pie Eater
yeah its normal

^It could be from lack of sleep, but you should see your doctor and maybe an EENT (Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat ) specialist, you might have an inner ear infection. The link below is a site about tinitus (ringing in the ears). I have it from a car accident and it's so annoying. I hope this helps

Judge Sludge says:
yes..then I answer the phone

This could be a thyroid problem. You should see your doctor and say just what you did here. The kicking and twitching is not normal either. There are medications to help you but I would suggest trying to get a good diagnosis first.
Good luck and keep us posted!

Genni <3
dont worry, its normal , just try to relax when going to sleep. I usually, like, everynight, feeling like im walking down stairs and suddenly theres a hole and i suddenly drop down and i wake up, and my hands, go out, my legs hit the wall, and my boddy twitches. sometimes my mom would say that i was literally banging agaisnts the wall with my legs, waking up the next door neighboors. dont woryy, itsnormal =D

Polly S
Yeh often, I think its because everywhere is so quiet

alison p
Don't worry, you're fine, but if it gets any worse or if it never goes away within, sayyy... a month, then maybe you should call and ask your doctor but no biggy.

Maybe I dunno because when i go to sleep or just randomly I'll get ringing in my ear to me its normal. and for you kicking thing alot of people do that I know ill be sleeping close to my friend and Ill wake up to her kicking the **** outta of me but has somthing in you life has changed? Because that might be the cause of it.

Yeah...I've had the loud ringing in my ears. The dreams of falling and falling and falling..and right when you hit bottom...you wake up with a huge jolt. I've even had the dreams where you stuck under water and are trying to get to the top...but can never reach it. And wake up Gasping for air. And the classic dream. Running as hard as you can from something. But getting no where. I can explain the Water dream...and the ringing in my ears. But the other two. I have no clue.

[] /[]r ray
That's happened to me. Not a ringing sound though, it was a chirp that was freaky.

Two days ago I experienced something similar.............
Do not see a doctor. There are things in this world that are beyond logic and opinion.

I smoke crack though, but that's irrelevant . just kidding.

But really, weird things like that happen to me and more


Thanks, RR

I wouldn't say it's normal or abnormal. My question would be why are you not sleeping? That's a question you should be asking your doctor... unless it's just that you've been partying too hard.

There are medications available in this day and age that you shouldn't have to suffer sleep deprivation, you could also be having a severe form of sleep apnea... and you don't want to mess with that.

Good luck... lack or sleep or poor quality sleep stinks.

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