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on leg.

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Does smoking weed give you a headache?
cos i smoked some like an hour ago... and now my heads hurting? could it be related to smoking the weed or just a normal headache?
Additional Details
lol don't lecture me about smoking weed, yes i know its bad for me...but lifes more fun that way.

Yes, it can give you some pretty bad headaches.
You shouldn't smoke it though cause it's just like smoking cigarettes, only three times worse.

I don't know coz I'm not stupid enough to smoke weed!

bubbly grl
why would u smoke weed in the first place?

--&gt;*luv me 4 me*<--
i think it is normal. but i hope u no i will tell u 0not to so here goes:
"smoking weed will lowly posin u. And as such i young age. omg dont smoke weed. your ruining your life. But i dont want u to think that i am telling u what to do with your life. but from all the things u agreed with me do this one to. : ) : ("

i think it is a normal headhace but im not a doctor.

Not daft enough to have ried ot yet!!

probably related to putting yahoo answers and weed together....

weed slows down the thinking process so....
it's probably that you stubbed your toe and it's taking so long to get the message to the brain (one of the side effects of toe stubbing on pot), the brain gets impatient, which causes pain.
You do know...... if you smoke that sh*t your kids will be born naked?

My 2 Cents
Was it good weed? Mixed with something? Have you tried the same weed before?

yup the day after it usually just puts me to leep!

You may be dehydrated. But normally it won't give you a headache.

You got it backwards, honey!!! Weed cures NEthing!!! If Its giving you Headaches: Then IT Aint for U!!!! Plain & Simple:)

Smoke sum more mite get rid of the headache

First of all.Its not that bad.Its medicine after all.Not illegal in all places.And people who use it for medication are disgusted by stupid people who only listen to TV and get their fake facts there.
No,it does not relate to cigarettes in any way..
3 times worst is what you heard from the government.
Its not actually 3 times worst because if it was all the people who were smoking weed for the past 10-20 years would be having lung cancer right now.and weed helps lung cancer.It does not create it either.You people are so stupid and i'm only 14 years old.Sad how you people are so ignorant.Weed isn't close to being as bad as tobacco.Marijuana has over 100 substances...but none hurt you.THC decreases brain cells when your 'high' then when your sober they come back up.Another lie,yet,no one has heard about it.
And about your question:Yes,weed can create Migraine Headaches...i had 5 migraines in a row..but it would get so bad that i wouldn't even think of getting on and asking a question i would literally make it worst...way worst.Maybe you smoked too much from a bong..and its your first time..so it was a hard hit for you.Or maybe you smoked a stem or seed.
Depending on weed quality too,if you have weak weed with a lot of stems and seeds,and you smoke too much of it,you might get a headache too..maybe not a migraine,but a headache.

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